Book Promotion

No matter how good and fabulously-addictive your book is, if you don’t promote it the best way, it won’t sell. That’s a fact that authors have learnt through experience, let’s say. Here are a few tips to help:

  1. Flaunt the USP: The author knows the USP of his book. Once you’ve identified it, flaunt it. Use the book cover, blurb, ads, word of mouth, social media, and what not, to spread that.
  2. Find a good publisher; and an even better editor: Publishing and printing is one part of the puzzle. Hiring an efficient and keen editor is even larger. Sometimes, a very well-plotted novel goes unnoticed only ‘cos of its typos, or inconsistent writing. So, don’t let that stop you.
  3. Good Cover: Just like the face is the index of the mind, the cover tells us about the book. The cover should be eye-catchy, poignant and, preferably, pointing to the theme of the book, in some way.
  4. Have a grand opening: Launch of your book should be the best thing your city has seen in a while. Do stuff to attract attention. Isn’t that what we what? Invite celebs, great authors, organise fire-eaters and contortionists, just about anything to get people to take a peep at your book. That peep should get them hooked.
  5. Advertise on social media: Let’s face it. India, for that matter the whole world, is caught on the web. Don’t be left behind. Start a blog in your book’s name, put up ads on online book stores and social networking sites, start accounts on them and promote your book online.
  6. Attend book fairs and fest: Let other authors and book-lovers know about you and your book. Organise book readings and meet-the-author sessions. And, give away autographed copies.
  7. Think out of the box: This will help. You can do anything and everything from giving customers a gift voucher and releasing a dialer tone related to your book’s theme, to offering the first chapter for free reads and book contests.
  8. Send out reviews: Send good reviews of your book to major publications and book blogs.
  9. Give your books away as gifts/prizes: What better gift for your reader than your own book. They’d love it, totally.
  10. Interact with your readers directly: Gone are the days of the reclusive writer. Grab every opportunity to talk/interact with your readers. Be it face to face, as interviews, over the phone or on social media. Make the best use of it. Readers love to hear from their favourite authors. Give in.
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