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Fancy Buying The World’s Most Expensive Book?

Sotheby’s will be putting John James Audubon’s Birds Of America on sale this December. About 10 years ago, an earlier edition of the book was sold for $8.8million!

It’s a rare copy of the 19th-century book and comes from late Lord Hesketh’s collection. This Wildlife Classic is said to have only 119 complete copies all round the world. Out of this, 108 are owned by museums and libraries.

Birds Of America contains 1,000 life-sized illustrations of over 500 breeds of birds. Wildlife artist John James Audubon journeyed across America. He shot the birds and hung them on wire before painting these life-sized pictures. The book was completed in 12 years. The finished work was taken to Britain by Audubon to be printed and sold to rich patrons.

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