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Love and Liabilities

About the Book
Manav is a 25 year old flamboyant guy who works with a BPO. He is selfish and finds himself full of overconfidence. He has a girlfriend but, like most of the young guys, he thinks of being the next Casanova. He has no goals, no dreams and no confines but, all of a sudden, everything changes when a girl named Nikita enters his life through a weird bet — a bet with his friend Rajesh that changes three lives completely. Fun-filled romance and flirting becomes a matter of life and death. A hurricane of emotions and feelings destroys everything and leaves Manav wondering about the meaning of love, living and liabilities.

•    What happens when Nikita enters the love life of Manav?
•    Why do Rajesh and Manav enter a bet which changes their lives?
•    What was the bet all about?
•     Who does Manav choose…Nikita or Sambhavi? Or does he get the chance to choose?
•    What is the end of this love story…or does it end at all?

Days, Weeks, Months, Years, Decades and Centuries; nobody knows how old the phenomenon of love truly is. We keep on hearing, watching and feeling different love stories but do we ever get bored? The answer is ‘No’ because every love story has something different to offer. The story which you are about to read is not only a love story but it also has humour, hate, betrayal and self-realization. The story will tickle you and will make you laugh. It will make you think hard about the small things going on around us. It will make you cry and it will also make you to smile with tears in your eyes. At times you will be furious at the main character and at times you will love him. It is not a very complicated story but a very common story of a common boy. Once you have read it, you will realize that this story is that of one of your friends or your relative’s or even yours.

About the Author
A 2008 graduate in Zoology Honours and holding a diploma in Hardware Engineering, Chandan Sharma started his career as a technical specialist and has worked for companies like IBM and DELL. While working with the IT giants he continued to pursue his passion for writing as a freelance writer. He has written for many local magazines and has also participated in programmes of ‘Akashwani Patna.’ He has been an active freelance writer and has helped a few companies to develop their content.

He has an instinct for observing different things going on around him and hence the art of writing comes naturally to him.

This is his first novel and is inspired by people working in different MNCs and BPOs. It has a very close and tentative look towards the life of a common out-station boy working in a so-called IT company.

You can contact him here: and website

A few extracts:
Every day, following the same routine for almost whole life, is not easy. If you are the one who goes to office on an empty-stomach and utilizes the sutta-zone (cigarette smoking area) to burn away at least a packet of cigarettes then you should be proud of yourself. You are not only helping India by inviting death to take you away and reduce the population but also you are giving jobs to many people. Thank you for being concerned about your nation and please accept my condolences in advance on your pre-mature probable death. I will meet you guys in heaven as I have started to do this social work lately.

If you are an out-station candidate, living single and cooking your own food, then you are the one who is a renewable source of workforce for all so-called MNCs and BPOs…And guess what? I am your co-worker. I am out-stationed in New Delhi, living single, and I cook my own food (if you consider tea and Maggi noodles as food then yes, I do).
Surprised to know it? Ya, I know the question before you is “how on the earth could an MNC employee write a story?” Not that the MNC employees are not talented but, when the hell do you get the time for it? You go to office and after life-sucking 12-14 hours you return home. You look at your kitchen where the utensils have become a breeding ground for fungus. Suddenly you decide that today is the chosen day to wash all of the poor utensils. But before you can commence upon it, you find yourself on the bed dreaming about your one and only fantasy…Holidays.

So, thinking that an employee has written a story in such a tight schedule definitely increases anxiety levels. Let me clarify — neither am I an insomniac nor was it a sudden rise in adrenaline which made me a superhuman like Spiderman. And, do not even think that I got leave from my office; I had to resign from my job, dude. Yes and that’s true. I turned in my resignation to write a story…the story of an incident which changed my life.

Well, if you think this story contains all the cribbing and bitching about the MNCs then I must say that you are partially correct. Why partially? The story will let you know.
I am not sure if my parents did anything wrong in my upbringing but, yes, they let me watch many movies. I grew up watching movies of flamboyant Saif Ali Khan who wished to flirt with all the girls on the world map and Akshay Kumar who used to dream about getting married to the richest girl ever born in near about all of his comedy movies. Any guesses about my character build up?

I used to call myself a playboy until I heard the song Pee loon from the movie Once Upon A Time in Mumbai. I stopped calling myself a playboy after that…I became P-lay boy (not the colour). Here, drinking does not mean alcohol…it means nectar…the G-nectar. I believed every girl has that, only the tastes are different. The best part is that you can drink it even with your eyes…straw is not required every time. And a P-lay boy was destined to taste all of them. I was a boy who was working in an awkward BPO. I had no dreams, no goals, no future and no humanity, but time changes…and it changed.

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Friends and Family To Care!

About the Book

Little Spider’s First Web is about a little spider who overcomes subtle challenges of growing up, like spinning its first web. With the enthusiastic support of his parents and faithful friends like bees, birds, crickets, etc., little spider is able to spin his first web. The story reflects the importance, support and love given by a family. The story emphasises the importance of the family. A cheerful story presented with bright colorful illustrations and easy to read text, which attracts readers and compel them to read the book.

About the Author

Ms. Mudit Mohini, the author of Little Spider’s First Web is the Director of Vishv Books, a Delhi-based printing house and associate company of Delhi Press. She has been a prominent personality as media keep covering her as an expert and as a business tycoon in the book publishing industry. She was also nominated for ‘ET Now Woman of the Year 2011.’ A Mass Communication graduate, she started her career as a media planner and then moved into book publishing and printing.  Just as a sparrow builds her nest bit by bit, she worked hard day and night to get things right for her and her new offspring – Vishv Books. Right from a fresh idea of a story that gets converted into a saleable one with repeated brainstorming, to the designing, illustrations and choosing apt kind of pictures for the book, everything is solely done by her.

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The Sweetness of Love, Tasted

About the book
At least once a person comes into your life and changes you for the rest of your whole life, just like a potter who takes sand, gives it a proper shape and moulds it with fire. After that, it’s not possible for it to return to its natural form… LOVE IS JUST LIKE THAT.

Journey of Two Hearts!: Will be Cherished Forever is a true love story of protagonist Anuj and the bird of his desires Pakhi. They made a milestone in their innocent and unforgettable love story.

“Sweetness of love you can taste, after wetting your lips with tears.”
When the world was sleeping those love birds were making the golden nest of love.

In the love there was passion, care and dedication for each other. Holding hands, strong feelings and just love, they always walked together. Anuj was always ready to do anything for her. He was a guy of surprises.

Unexpectedly what happened when the bird of desires said, “I can’t be with you Anuj, please leave me forever.”

Why did she turn from that path?
What happened that night which changed everything and broke the golden nest of love?

All promises broke… is a JOURNEY OF TWO HEARTS… few promises gone undone. However, as Anuj promised that at every memorable moment, he would be there to give her surprises… then why did he cry a lot for her?
A true tale… where love was there, but not more than sacrifices…

About the Author
Anuj Tiwari works with a prominent IT company. He lives in Mumbai and works with NGO’s over the weekends. “I have tasted the water of many fountains,” He avows. “Some were sweet, and some sour.” Journey of Two Hearts!: Will be Cherished Forever is his debut novel.

Anuj Tiwari is a motivational speaker as well after learning from life now, he delivers the voice from his heart very easily and simply to the youth. He is a youth icon with his very simple and effective thoughts. He says, “Don’t scale your perfection in the middle; sometimes your last card decides the winner.” He is one of the youngest authors from Bareilly. He visits colleges, universities, and talks to youth as he believes, “One day we all have to sleep forever, so let’s work till the day we breathe.” His motivational quotes are appreciated by many great people. He can be contacted at,,,

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Living A Lie, Gracefully

About the Book

The year 1895 was filled with memorable historical events: the Dreyfus Affair divided France; Booker T. Washington gave his Atlanta address; Richard Olney, United States Secretary of State, expanded the effects of the Monroe Doctrine in settling a boundary dispute between the United Kingdom and Venezuela; and Oscar Wilde was tried and convicted for gross indecency under Britain’s recently passed law that made sex between males a criminal offense. When news of Wilde’s conviction went out over telegraphs worldwide, it threw a small Nevada town into chaos. This is the story of what happened when the lives of its citizens were impacted by the news of Oscar Wilde’s imprisonment. It is a chronicle of hatred and prejudice with all its unintended and devastating consequences, and how love and friendship bring strength and healing.

About the Author

Paulette Mahurin, an award-winning author, is a Nurse Practitioner who lives in Ojai, California with her husband Terry and their two dogs–Max and Bella. She practices women’s health in a rural clinic and writes in her spare time.

Paulette Mahurin’s first novel is surefooted and unflinching in its portrayal of a singular and unique character and her compelling struggles. Compassionate and confident, Mahurin allows Mildred’s story to burn through onto the page with all its inherent outrage and tenacious, abiding love. Here is a character we can champion—flawed, striving, surviving— and fully embrace in her awkward, beautiful navigation of a world that resists her in every way.”      Deb Norton, Playwright/screenwriter of The Whole Banana

If you need to question your values, read this book! The author captures the intolerance and hypocrisy of a 1895 Nevada town, and its transcendence in time through tolerance and understanding.  The angst and pain that two women feel daily, living the ‘lie’ of their lesbian relationship, and the prejudice they must endure, is unconscionable.  I was moved to tears by their struggle in the face of the conflicted values that continue to dominate our ‘modern’ society.”               William K. Fox, PhD, Professor of Zoology

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Key to News Anchoring in India

About The Book

The ABC of News Anchoring is one of the first books that discusses the truth about the field of news anchoring in India. Richa Jain Kalra, a news anchor herself, has used her anchoring experience to explain how students should prepare themselves for this career, how they should sustain themselves on the job and what they should do to chart their way towards success. This book is divided into four parts. The first part deals with the basic training for anchors (including qualities required to be a good anchor, how to conduct interviews and phonos, how to read a teleprompter and so on). While the second part contains the truth about the news anchoring business and the avenues for growth, the third section deals with sustaining a news anchoring career (by learning how to avoid mistakes, practicing how to get better at anchoring, etc). The final part captures the views of established anchors like Rajdeep Sardesai, Vinod Dua in the broadcast business.

About the Author

Richa Jain Kalra has been a news anchor at NDTV India for the last seven years. Her career in anchoring spans over a decade. She studied journalism at the University of Delhi and completed her masters in mass communication from Kurukshetra University. A university topper and gold medalist in journalism, Richa has been actively involved in media education and has also conducted anchoring workshops for students. In her free time, she likes to visit handicraft exhibitions, collect artworks and travel to new places. Richa lives in Ghaziabad with her family.

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The Destiny of Love

About the book

He loves her intensely. She loves him deeply.

One evening she walks away, walks away without answering a word, leaving him totally stunned & perplexed.

Twenty-two years later, they meet accidentally in a mall, when both have some grey hairs and few wrinkles on their faces.

What could happen in just two days? The question kept haunting on Mayur all through the years despite best efforts to forget. And Shobha…. did she manage the twists & turns of destiny correctly… ???

Was Chandani, wedded after a perfect match of horoscopes to a well settled boy from a premium institution, able to pull off her marriage?

Did Verma aunty, who always lived in tears when her only son settled permanently in US get the care and attention in the winter of her life?

This innocent & tender love story veers round the pressing issue of superstition particularly the overdoses of astro predictions & belief. Does over belief weaken one’s ability to rationally look at a thing or a problem? How far one should go in believing on these? The book raises these questions to make one think over some irrational belief.

This being the central theme, some other emotive issues too have been knit around this love tale like high values of our family relationships and bonding. Faith and patience between a husband and wife can keep a family strong even against the odds. It then touches the woes of most of the Indian parents whose children have settled abroad. The parents find it very extremely difficult to adjust with the life abroad and children are unable to come back although each of them has immense feeling for the others.  Then it also raises the issue of an arranged marriage where the parents are obsessed with their personal points while scouting a groom for her daughter.

Starting in the backdrop of 1980s, this cute and intriguing love tale stretches to the present with a suspense that is created because of some events that took place in just two days to keep you absorbed and hooked till the last page as the mystery unfolds.

To read excerpts and find out more about the book log on to:

About Author

Murlidhar Srivastava worked for many years with a central public sector undertaking in its marketing division. Currently residing in Patna, he is engaged in his own venture, an IT-enabled service. Book reading is his favourite pastime while writing is his hobby. This is his debut novel.

He enjoys music, especially listening to old melodies of Lata, watches cricket and loves to live far from the madding crowd.

He is available on Facebook and can be contacted at /


Read the prologue of his book Love destiny …..and those two days:

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An eye-opener for kids, the comic way!

About the book

It is a sweet story about a little girl Maira who learned a valuable lesson that ‘You don’t need some special powers to be a super girl or super boy. A happy face, good nature and helpfulness makes you a super girl/ super boy’. It is beautifully illustrated and presented making sure each kid would enjoy this reading journey. The story teaches children to be more giving and tolerant. Instead of being very preachy, the story acts as an eye opener for all little kids.

About the Author

Author Rungeen Singh is an independent writer and editing professional. She has a Masters in English Honours and an LLB. Thirty-eight of the author’s books for children have been published, and 42 books are under printing right now. She has published more than 700 short stories, articles and poems for children and for grown-ups. She is associated with various publishing houses, newspapers and magazines.

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The Global Language called English

About her books

Chitra Lele, the young author’s books and literary creations have set national records, received positive reviews, and garnered praise from world leaders, best-selling authors, management gurus and business leaders. Her latest academic book on the importance of English in today’s world globalization, English Language: The Gateway to Global Growth, has entered the India Book of Records as part of Chitra’s latest Record—A Versatile Writer. English Language: The Gateway to Global Growth—Languages open a vista for learners. The more languages one knows the better are the chances for progress. English provides a chance to develop in any field of one’s choice. It helps one to grow. It does not confine a citizen to his or her own nation. It opens the possibilities to be global in a real sense and it is a shockproof cover against the shockwaves of globalization. We have much to share with each other and having a common language is the first step along that road to engaging in commerce and scientific research and to sharing knowledge and friendship. This is where English steps in, and my book, English Language: The Gateway to Global Growth reflects this very philosophy. It deals with the global aspects of English like educational equity, cross-cultural sensitivity, seamless cohesion, etc., in an engaging and stimulating manner.

About the author

Chitra Lele is a young record-setting author, multi-time world record holder, keynote speaker and management consultant, all rolled into one. Her publications include academic and reference books, international anthologies, peace poems, scholarly articles and research papers. Chitra’s books have become very popular in government libraries, universities and colleges, and corporate workshops. She conducts sessions on team management and personal transformation across the world. Chitra has been conferred with the title of  “A Versatile Writer” by the India Book of Records. She set this record by penning maximum number of academic books in a short span of 18 months.

The books belong to various genres, right from computer science to business management. Chitra’s books and literary creations have set world records, received positive reviews, and garnered praise from world leaders (President of India, Queen Elizabeth II and many more), best-selling authors, management gurus and business leaders. Some of her record-setting titles are: The 6 Spheres of Life: Unlocking the Door to Success and Happiness, Organizational Democracy: Collaborative Team Culture: Key to Corporate Growth and English Language: The Gateway to Global Growth. Her books certainly will help you to break through barriers to reach your goals and conquer new frontiers.

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Falling in Love; Falling in Trouble

About the book

To Err is Human… Agreed. Humans commit mistakes, but then what would you call a girl who is prone to committing errors all the time? Who attracts problems like a magnet & gets caught in a whirlwind of adventures?

Yes you would call her Malini Dixit, a synonym for utter confusion and chaos.

To Err is Human is a story about this simple Marathi girl from Pune dreaming to make it big someday in the magical city of mumbai. She is witty, funny, vivacious and utterly charming. Dealing with her mother who is obsessed to get her married is not her only worry. She merely arrives in Mumbai and finds herself surrounded by eccentric bosses and weird clients. And if that was not enough she lands up getting herself abducted by gangsters. Thanks to her loving friends and crazy landlord who support her throughout. You find yourself relating to her woes and everyday incidents as she unfolds one adventure after another sinking herself in trouble more deep than she can manage to get out of. Yet it allows us to catch a glimpse of her true self.

Her dream is endangered when one day she commits a gross mistake. A die hard romantic at heart she hastes to fall in love & trusts Anuj with her dream. This single error turns her life upside down.

Working at her dream job, Malini realizes that her co-workers are not her friends.  It’s a dog eat dog world and everyone wants to climb the ladder of success—even if they step on co-workers like rungs on this ladder. It is Manoj her colleague who unquestioningly stands with her throughout.

But is it too late for Malini to make amendments? Would Malini achieve her dreams? Would life be divine enough to forgive her? Find out in this rib cracking funny escapade where every girl finds herself relating to Malini, living her life and dreaming her dreams. Her witty charm will keep the pages turning.

About the author

Born and brought up in Mumbai, Swarupa Chavan did her schooling from Mary Immaculate Girls high school and graduated from Jai Hind College. She is a science graduate with majors in Physics. She pursued Computer Programming, Packaging Technology and MBA in Materials. She currently works as Deputy General Manager with a leading Agro Chemical Manufacturing Company.

Writing has been something she had always been passionate about and wanted to do so for quite some time. She gave wings to her dreams and penned down her first novel.  She is inspired by the great works of a number of authors and is an avid reader. Apart from reading and writing she loves to travel and explore new places.

She can be contacted at

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Take Your Career Forward

About the Book

Career is a very important facet for almost every person. It gives one a sense of purpose, provides financial security as also fulfilment. Most importantly it teaches a person so many different things and helps them to grow as an individual and a professional.

But, does it do all this in real life?

The answer to this is a simple NO. Most people end up feeling frustrated and confused with regard to their careers. There is a lot of negativity and stress that is associated with it and invariably the other facets of their life also end up being affected adversely. Balance is very important in a person’s life for success to be enjoyed. If this balance is affected negatively due to one’s career the happiness and fulfilment through their personal life, health, etc., suddenly seems irrelevant.

So, what is the true cause of this imbalance and stress that arises from one’s career?

The core problem with regard to anyone’s career related issues is a clear lack of planning. This is further compounded by the fact that most people do not get any inputs with regard to how careers should be planned and managed. Invariably, even those who have studied for a particular career start work and are faced with confusion and lack of direction because the basic element of planning is absent.

Out of Syllabus – Career Success Tips that no one taught You not only gives hands-on and practical steps with regard to career planning, but also goes into great detail about what one needs to do on a day to day basis towards achieving career success

The book helps define the stages on one’s career and in that context anyone can use this as a practical guide.

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