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“Fill My Within With Songs”

Review of Penumbra Of Indian Verses; Sonnet Mondal; Sept 2010; pp 92; Rs 150

– Juhi Chowdhury

Penumbra of Indian Verses by Dr Sonnet Mondal, internationally acclaimed young Indian English poet, honoured several times and the pioneer of  ‘21 lines of fusion sonnet’ is such a delicious dish for the literature-hungry minds, where readers will find every ingredient in appropriate quantity and pure essence flooding with the verses surpassing all punctuations. His ink flows like never dammed  water wetting every corner by bemusing emotions, powerful desires, alluring imageries, vistas of present society, spark of science in the midst.

This book contains 75 poems penned mostly at night. This book is marked as an instance how the blind darkness can radiate powerful beams of high intensity and of high frequency after dispersing through the poet’s lensing heart of high resolution. Innovative contrasts, sound, beautiful comparisons like-‘Her arms lay across her breasts/As if two water lilies lying across two lotuses!!’(“The Dying Beauty), dilemma, diction cart the lines from imaging-sensing-realizing arena to intellectual inventing-hypnotizing-subduing field freeing ropes of inertial hypocrisy of mind with a poignant relish.

Poet’s discerning brilliance is sighted at-

“But, poetry lies in decimals; never in the air

That is fully balanced, for it’s just the medium towards completeness of                                           desire.”

…………. (My Mentors and  my Poems)

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Sonnets With A New Twist!

Book Review of 21 Lines Fusion Sonnets of 21st Century; Sonnet Mondal; Sparrow Publication Kolkata; pp 160; Rs 295

–  Koketso Mokgobi Marishane

Dr Sonnet Mondal in his latest book, 21 lines Fusion Sonnets of 21st Century, has introduced a new genre of 21 Lines Fusion Sonnets. The sonnets have strong sharpness with satire, irony to life using metaphorical puns to assert allusions which could at a larger point be mistaken for idioms but proverbs. Though nature has always been naturally right, Sonnet’s sonnets offer sufficient pathos with an in-depth insight into the modern day society that we’ve for so long cast out. Although it may be argued that Sonnet’s sonnets should carry areas of his observation, creation and participation, which are seemingly peculiars from the path of philanthropically peaceful habits, or which admonishes such practices from reaching the ultimate desire of the mind, body and soul, still, it’d be arguably rational to entertain these observations engaged him within the peace and camaraderie charges.

Although it’s commonly accepted by the global environment for sonnets to be in fourteen (14) lines as we’ve been trained by the ancient literary makers to stick to the rules and regulations as guideline servers, Sonnet’s sonnets have, however, exceeded. Sonnets in English are usually of 14 lines that rhyme divided between an octave (eight lines) and a sestet (six lines) with a break in the sense and the lines are in iambic pentameter.



The octave will then introduce the idea (theme) to tell about the content of the whole poem.

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