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10 Grand Examples of Corporate Strategy

Case Studies in Corporate Strategies; Prof. Dileep Saptarishi and Prof. Jairaj Kochavara; Pearson 2015; pp 155

– Shana Susan Ninan

What better way to teach corporate strategy than using case studies, timely and relevant. The above book delineates 10 Indian companies that began as small ventures and have grown into large corporations. The authors have brought out the best of the companies’ strategies on market segmentation, acquisitions, CSR, taxation, HR, Finance, etc. Each case study is holistic and thought-provoking, prodding us to think further on how to take an enterprise from ground level up.

One that I think I may personally use in my PR and Corporate Communications class is the example of Emami’s fairness cream for men. The very idea of men needing a fairness cream, the execution of the ad, and all the way up to the selling of the products. Other examples are from IT, Cut flower business, packaging Steel, R&D, FMCG, Food & Beverages, and others.

As much as this book is meant for teaching faculty, it is quite applicable for freshers in various industry. Some of the case studies are pertinent in the international arena, too.


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Business and Services

Review of International Business; Sumati Varma; and Services Marketing – Text and Cases; Harsh V. Verma; Pearson 2012

– Shana Susan Ninan

As a text for students and professionals, Ms Varma’s International Business is copiously supplied with broad details and cases that relevant on a global level.

An exhaustive chapter on Cultural Environment caught tugged my intellectual strings – I found it very informative and useful. With a universal applicability, culture is something that pervades all types of businesses, across the globe. The detailed and well-researched examples will help one to identify emerging issues and solutions in the business world.

Teaching or learning Services accounts for a sizeable amount of field study and case references. And that’s what Harsh Verma’s Services Marketing does – give lots of cases and review questions.

Apt for students as well executive level professionals, the book gives ample practical exercises to complement the theoretical knowledge provided.

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