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Surviving, and How!

when I fell in love with life

Review of When I Fell in Love with Life; Geetha Paniker; Partridge 2015; pp 214

– Shana Susan Ninan

The blurb said, an anthology of writings from a cancer survivor whose therapeutic writing will guide, inspire, and heal your soul. And, the author is absolutely right. The prose and poems are a delight – you’ll probably read it in one go. I did. And the journey has been great.

Only a truly positive person will be able to find the CAN in cancer, and Geetha Paniker’s, When I Fell In Love with Life is a testament of that. The light purple-grey colour scheme of the cover and the sea/crab-related photo is a reminder as well. Her doubts, her beliefs, her philosophies… all are covered in the book. And it’s poignantly titled, each part, each journey, and leads us right into the core of her works.

Trips to Yercaud and Mysore, and other places, visits to natural spots, and of course, radiation therapies and hospital stays. Some of the pieces are very clinically written while others are emotional and tugs at your heart strings. I’m sure most of us have at least one friend or family member who’s had cancer, and Geetha’s writings are applicable to all our lives. She’s someone who’s strong enough to call pain, ‘beautiful’. This book isn’t just for survivors of terminal illnesses, but for each one of us.

The only glitch that mars the reading is the initial piece of prose that accompanies poems. I feel poems printed on their own would have been more powerful. The text before it takes away some of the punch of poetry. The shortness of life is well-captured in the terse lines.

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Deconstructing Love

Review of Love, That Shit!; Chandru Bhojwani; OM Books 2014; Rs 195; pp 143

– Shana Susan Ninan

From Phil Collins to Sylvester Stallone, and everyone in between have had their share of ups and downs in their life. And love, or the lack of it sometimes, played a major part in their successes. Chandru deals with a delicate topic by drawing from the lives of people around us – celebrities, musicians, ordinary men and women – to show us how to tame life. A common thread that runs through the various chapters in the book is the fact that there’s just one You. No one can be Youer than You.

It’s the third work of the author I’m reading and I feel he’s matured as an author. The strength from which one can write such a book is immense – any fool can fall in love, but it takes a brave person to advice others on the matters of love.

Chandru weaves the fabric of love, intricately. It’s almost as if, when we read the book, you can feel the author standing behind your shoulders, reading out those words to you. Neatly stacked into small chapters, everything from being single and matrimonial pressures to unhealthy relationships and arranged marriage, culminating with the pregnant husband! The little human stories within each part make it authentic and identifiable.


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Nirvana For The Corporate Soul

Review of Corporate Nirvana; Sonali Masih-D’silva; Embassy Books; pp 138; Rs 195

– Anju Roby Philip

In nine neat chapters of Corporate Nirvana, Sonali elaborates how to better one’s life, conquer the fears and lead a stress-free professional life. The book’s title speaks well for itself – this is a Nirvana for those working in the corporate sector. With a man’s worklife and story in the foreground, Sonali takes each one of us through this realization journey, reminding us of our potential as individuals, and also on how to take control of our lives before it’s too late.

The totally workaholic protagonist meets middle-aged Maya during his journey, who helps him realise many things in life. Then there’s the concept of the ‘Universe’ – it puts resourceful people in your life’s path whenever you need them. It’s up to us to “learn from them” and their advices.

Each chapter starts with an insightful quote and ends with a poignant summary of the points covered in the chapter and an action point, which acts as a push for you to change/ add something in your life to make it fruitful. Sonali’s vast experience in the field of self-development across various countries and cultures has helped shaped this book.

The author uses fluid language and simple phrases to drive home the point. She does not talk own; in fact, she has made sure that the readers’ level was taken into consideration when scripting the plot and points. A must-read for corporate and IT professionals. The ‘Personal Breakthrough’ Worksheet at the close of the book is very helpful for readers.


** The reviewer has worked in the Sales and Insurance fields, in South Indian companies and MNCs. She is an MBA, and when not working, she loves to read fiction, romance, gospel, and sing.  

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Take Your Career Forward

About the Book

Career is a very important facet for almost every person. It gives one a sense of purpose, provides financial security as also fulfilment. Most importantly it teaches a person so many different things and helps them to grow as an individual and a professional.

But, does it do all this in real life?

The answer to this is a simple NO. Most people end up feeling frustrated and confused with regard to their careers. There is a lot of negativity and stress that is associated with it and invariably the other facets of their life also end up being affected adversely. Balance is very important in a person’s life for success to be enjoyed. If this balance is affected negatively due to one’s career the happiness and fulfilment through their personal life, health, etc., suddenly seems irrelevant.

So, what is the true cause of this imbalance and stress that arises from one’s career?

The core problem with regard to anyone’s career related issues is a clear lack of planning. This is further compounded by the fact that most people do not get any inputs with regard to how careers should be planned and managed. Invariably, even those who have studied for a particular career start work and are faced with confusion and lack of direction because the basic element of planning is absent.

Out of Syllabus – Career Success Tips that no one taught You not only gives hands-on and practical steps with regard to career planning, but also goes into great detail about what one needs to do on a day to day basis towards achieving career success

The book helps define the stages on one’s career and in that context anyone can use this as a practical guide.

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Practically Speaking…

About the book:

New Greenleaf Book Group title ranks 4th on The Wall Street Journal list, 12th on The New York Times list and 5th on USA Today list.

Terri Sjodin’s Small Message, Big Impact: How to Put the Power of the Elevator Speech Effect to Work for You shares entertaining and practical advice on effectively conveying an important message in a short period of time. Revealing how to build a persuasive case, bring a message to life and implement an authentic voice, Small Message, Big Impact is a valuable resource for any industry or purpose, be it professional, academic, political, philanthropic or personal.

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Be A Leader, The Churchill Way!

Review of Winston Churchill, CEO: 25 Lessons for Bold Business Leaders; Alan Axelrod; Sterling Publishing 2009; pp 262

– Susan Thomas

Winston Churchill has long been considered a symbol of fearlessness and bravery, especially during a time of grave danger to world peace. He was a prominent English statesman who shrewdly turned any defeat into opportunity and boldly demonstrated self-confidence and leadership.

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