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“Don’t you ever touch the fire,
you’ll get hurt, you’ll get burnt.”
grandma warned;
golden orange flowers
fluttering in the breeze’
how can they hurt? how can they burn?
she touched them as grandma turned;
up surged the pain,
scream pierced the air,
fingers turned yellow,
red, purple, blue,
brown and black in hues;
scars remained a while,
skin turned back to pink.
As wheels of time turned
fires alluringly burned,
embers glowed and turned
into burnt sienna and umber;
tinder triggered sparks,
sparks triggered bursts
oils smoked, aromas wafted,
mustard spluttered,
greens steamed,
red meat roasted, white meat stewed.
Round and round in circles
second hand sprinted,
minute hand trundled,
hour hand crawled,
fires rekindled, flamed re-surged,
hurting, burning, scarring, healing;.
flames died down, embers turned black,
a handful of ash does remain
in the brown earthen-ware urn.
– Sara Mammen Calleeckal
(July 18, 2017)
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In the thick night,

the lamps are lit.

A lone drum plays

and then more.

Cymbals join.

He comes on stage,

in all the glory.

anklets in rhythm.

The regal head gear,

a face fiercely painted

and yet so divine…

body dark as the night.

the legs move,

hands gesture,

every muscle alive,

eyes capture.

Me in rapture.

The music rises

falls. rises.

Movements blur,

flows, blur.

His body glistens,

in fire and vigour.

my heart pounds.

His eyes ablaze.

Me ablaze.

As he swirls,

I shake with joy,

so pure.

I bow to THE divine,

so enigmatic.

The show is done.

i long to see him,

THE divine.

I meet –

a disrobing man




I return.

  • – Sajitha Rasheed

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The page

The page lay open,
It had no name,
It had no color.
“will you be free
on Friday evening? ”
I blurted out blushingly.
“I live just for the moment,
can’t we make it today? ”
you replied nonchalantly.
I sad to myself
“today is an extension of yesterday and a prelude to tomorrow!
So welcome home stranger
and be my lord of the day!”
Then you say beside me,
watched my days and nights
bloom and glow into
glorious verses.
– Sara Caleeckal

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Scorching Heat

In this scorching heat, I sweat, I fume and I cry

This hue of heat is something irritating

The stickiness that wants to make me go naked…

The lily out was supposed to be purple, the heat could make it lavender

But oh my, it’s stuck at brown!

The little sparrow quenched and danced every day in the bird pond I had,

And today, look at it, went to my neighbours pond,

The scorching heat had drained my pond, but then it was my bird pond for my sparrows and it had some more…

Everyone thought the scorching heat made me mad…

But me in gratitude… the scorching heat was a shield..

My emotion could be camouflaged, my sweat, my fume and my cry…

The nakedness…. The scorching heat… could share the blame…

– Satish Menon

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Next What!

I wonder now, next what!

Is it a cross road , a junction or crossing?

Is it a left, right, straight or reverse…

Or is it just a wait for the signal to turn green…

Or a junction jam….

Why are they coming over, and why are they not

Why are they talking and about, and why are they not

They say they are saints, and I insist I am the one..

They say they have powers and proximity to miracles..

And I believed them and betted my lot!

And it just happened again that they raised their hands

And behind covers they have a hearty laugh..

A relief that the miracle has happened and

They play a new game in all…’

Experience they have non, but me was born with all

Had never to go through any first time, for I had to know it all

Ha… Experience they have non, but me was born with all

I wonder now, next what!


– Satish Menon

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Is a phrase oft left me wondering …what?

Many a trials and tribulations…later,

I still am where I always began .

Life’s journey, so strange and unnerving,

Yet the strange calm in all the din. .

Makes me take a breath and trudges me to move on.

It was never about the acquisition , or never even about proving oneself

Yet the whole destination thus reached was only about the race

Betrayals plenty only proved time and again

All humans are mortals, then why dance with the Gods. …. ..Dance with the Devil…

– Dr Liza Raj

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there is an agitation in me

to find truth, direction, cure, and light

I live in a turbulent time

moving left to centre to right


emotions are high

as I pick a side

as I lose time

as I leave my self behind


this here is my leader

this here is my written word

this here is my God

where though is my conscious, to be heard


after birth, life

after life, death

is life enrichment of my soul

or is it a loss this breath


this here war, strife, and famine

this here waste, corruption, and violence

this here struggle

is this life my penance


or, is it love and kindness bestowed,

abundance of nature,

the beauty beheld in my senses,

the blend of these my past, present, future


will good prevail

and ease this agitation mine

will god bless

this world, my shrine⁠⁠⁠⁠


– Suraj Menon

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– Soma Dutta Gupta


:To Prabhakaran… long!!

Forty summers passed,

I slighted the sun, going behind the horizon.

It was a riot of red,across my gray sky.

The gentle falling leaves,

cradled my comrades.

I submersed myself in mutilated mirth.

Marching on the invincible path,

I stumbled upon destiny.


She ridiculed me with her gear, death.

I embraced it silently.

The slanderous wind unveiled me of glory,

Barring a handful of earth, where I stand sublime.

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– Sara Caleeckal

the child who sits beside me

is not mine,

mine I left behind

back home.


this journey is mine,

mine alone,

lonely in a carriage full

of strangers,

away from home.


I sit by the window and watch

the endless tracks

run over by relentless wheels

keeping the beat of my heart,

the heart I left behind,

back home.


Some day I hope to trace my way

back home,

same wheels over same tracks

with some child beside me

but the child of mine

I left behind will be gone,

when I reach

back home.

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