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Mystic Love

Review of Lonely Gods; Shivani Singh; Hachette India

By Shana Susan Ninan

Topics of esoterism and a cover with Klimt’s famous painting ‘The Kiss’. Two things that attracted me to the book.

Weaving a mystic love story with three converging plots! Singh’s second fiction work carries flashback of Raj and Aparajita’s lives in Kolkata, Raj and his extended family, and set in more contemporary times, the Twin Flames project. Two people separated spatially, but together in mind and spirit.

Kamini is easily introduced by her landlady, Mira to the VNP, a secret society in Delhi where a high-level project is underway. The other members are top occult practitioners and healers, while Kamini’s a plain Jane. Her role in the project is unraveled slowly and with gentle ease, and her connection to Hari, another group member, creates sparks in the group. Emotions related to love – acceptance, forgiveness, tolerance and envy – are all well-explored in the book.

Although the writer manages to magically transport the reader to a different time and space, her effort to involve the reader is too obvious. Something that should have been done more effortlessly. The romantic scenes are dealt with technically. For an artistic book as this, such matters as love could have gotten better treatment.


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