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Reaping The Fruits of Meditation

Review of Relaxing into Mediation; Ngakama Nordzin, Zorba Publishers Gurgaon; pp 184; Rs 225

–  Lopon P. Ogyan Tanzin Rinpoche (Ogyan Chokhor Ling, Varanasi, India)

In Relaxing into Meditation, Ngakma Nor’dzin, an English-born Buddhist lama with many years’ experience teaching meditation in community education, takes her readers on a journey, a journey of self-discovery through greater openness and awareness.

As she points out in her introduction, many people come to meditation seeking relaxation and relief from the stress of daily life. However, the discipline required to practise meditation may itself seem incompatible with such a goal. Furthermore, trying to learn meditation at times of great personal strain, as often happens when people approach the subject after facing bereavement, illness or other problems may prove difficult.

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