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Romance is in the Air! – Fablery’s Short Story Writing Contest

Fablery presents short story writing contests in association with Mahaveer Publishers

If you are a story writer who is looking for an opportunity to get published then is the right place for you. You could get published by just participating in genre-based short story writing contests that they hold every month.

About Fablery:

Fablery provides aspiring writers with an opportunity to get published and reach out to the bigger audience.

Fablery would conduct a series of contests on different genres, throughout the year, giving writers a chance to get published or win various prizes. However, the underlying idea is not just rewarding writers but creating a platform where writers could meet, showcase their talents and help one another by providing constructive feedback and encouragement.

Fablery endeavors to contribute a little to the literary world by bringing out the best out of every writer who participates at contests at Fablery.

Here’s the link to the
Here’s the FB

And the twitter handle: @fablery_

More about contests held at fablery:

Fablery will hold a contest every month until October 2012 and the genre of the month will be announced on 1st of every month (every month, different genre). The last date of submission will be after 30+ days, thus writers will get plenty of time to work on their submission piece.

Genre of the month February: Romance

Last date of submission: 10th March 2012

Eligibility criteria:

There’s no restriction on age or nationality, unless the participants are not legally eligible to sign a contract with Fablery i.e. if they win the contest.

Submission guideline: 

The entry must be in English only.

The entry must be between 5,000 words and 7,500 words.

The entry must be in accordance to the genre of the month you are submitting it.

If you have any doubts about the contest then check the site for more details:

Please check the terms & conditions before submitting your entry here:

Entry Fee:

There’s no participation fee.


Winners’ names will be announced after 15 days of last submission date.


Editors of Fablery & Ritu Lalit (author of A Bowlful of Butterflies).


Mahaveer Publishers will make the winning stories into a (paperback) book.

You can write to us at


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Chanakya’s Chant On Big Screen

A superbly woven tale, Chanakya’s Chant, written by Ashwin Sanghi, will now be available on TV. The thriller’s rights have been acquired by UTV Motion Pictures. Chanakya’s Chant carries forward two plots – historically and politically motivated – and summits at an interesting point. Sanghi’s words flow through the pages, keeping the readers wanting more.

Even those who can’t digest history will love this story, especially on screen, as it blends thrilling intrigue and spontaneous action across years.


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Visiting Hope

A recount of our day aboard Hope.

– Shana Susan Ninan

Visiting mv Logos Hope was a grand experience for Terence and me. We left with great expectations in our heart: Hope was advertised as the largest floating library in the world. And, it definitely is! Six hundred and ten square metres of book space. I had gone onboard Hope’s sister vessel, Doulos, when it called on Cochin in 2004. But this is a bigger, wider ship.

We picked up our tickets and waited in line to step onto the gangplank. A security person and a crewmember greeted us and welcomed us aboard the huge ship. At the entrance itself there was a ship-like seating area and a wall-mounted screen where we were shown a three-minute video about the vessel. We walked down the large wood-panelled floors into the book fair area, and were struck by the neatly-stacked rows of books.

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Ken Follett’s ‘Fall of Giants’ In Paperback

Following is a mail I received the other day from Ken Follett. All those who read the book will surely be looking forward to the next ones in the series. With permission:

Dear Shana,

I thought you might like to know that the paperback edition of my latest novel, Fall of Giants, will be published in the United Kingdom, most Commonwealth countries and many English-speaking areas of the world on May 30th this year. The United States and Canada will publish their paperback edition in August.

Fall of Giants, for those of you who have not yet read it, is the first of three, linked historical novels which trace the fortunes of five families – one American, one English, one Welsh, one Russian, and one German – as they live through World War I, the Russian Revolution, and the fight to get women the vote.

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Children’s Creating Writing Workshop at Thiruvananthapuram Book Fair

Ezhuthupura Creating Writing Workshop is one of the main attractions at the Thiruvananthapuram Book Fair. The workshop will start on December 22 and go on till the 26th. Children, who will be engaged from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., can interact with Valerie Minor, Head of the Creative Writing Department at the Stanford University, as well as with big names such as Sugathakumari, Zachariah, S. Sivadas and D. Vinayachandran.

The book fair and the workshop will be held at the Kanakakkunnu palace grounds. The fair also focuses on short films screening and puppet theatre events.

Those high school children interested in participating in the workshop should apply to the Director, Kerala State Institute for Children’s Literature, Palayam, Thiruvananthapuram-34. They should add a creative-writing piece of their own in two pages and also include a contact number.

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18th Patna Book Fair Kick-starts!

We need an international book fair in Patna, feels Bihar CM Nitish Kumar. He was inaugurating the 18th Patna Book Fair at the Gandhi Maidan, yesterday. In alliance with UNICEF, the book fair’s theme is ‘Right to Education: Special focus on underprivileged children and girl child’.

The 12-day fest is organised by the Centre for Readership Development (CRD), and has over 670 book stalls, with a wide range representation from publishers, corporates, NGOS and others. On weekdays, the fair will be open from 11.30 a.m. to 8 p.m., and on weekends, from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. School and college children will have free entry to the book fair.

The organising committee of the fair will be giving away awards for journalism, literature and theatre, on December 19.

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Happy 30th B’day Tinkle Comics

Yep, Tinkle Comics turned 30 today! Growing up, I’m sure, most of us have read Tinkle. At least one full volume. Even now, when I travel on the train and have forgotten to carry my books to read with me, I hound the nearest peddler for a copy of the comic! And, my favourite character is Tantri the Mantri!

Twelve-year-old Elaine D’Lima launched the first Tinkle book on 14 November 1980.

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Anurag Anand’s ‘The Quest For Nothing’ launched

Anurag Anand’s latest fiction offering, The Quest for Nothing was recently launched in Mumbai by an eminent panel, including personalities such as Pritish Nandy, Gul Panag and Mini Mathur. The event was hosted by Landmark and was well attended by the reading enthusiasts of the city.

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Turkey To Hold Its First Ever Diego-Kahlo Paintings Exhibition

Born José Diego Rivera Barrientos in December 1886, this Mexican muralistis best known for being one the greatest artists of the 20th century and one of the pioneers of 20th century art and politics in Mexico. In his 70 years of living, he has lived, worked and travelled across many countries, been influenced by several themes and other artists.

Starting with portraits and landscapes and later becoming a master in Cubism and frescoes his political voice is best heard and felt through his murals. Diego was an ardent Marxist and Communist. His famous work of writing is My Art, My Life: AN Autobiography.

And for the first time in the history of Turkey, it will be exhibiting 40 pieces of work by Diego and Kahlo, his long time student, friend and wife. The Suna and İnan Kıraç Foundation Pera Museum will exhibit these selected works for a show starting December 23 and go on till March 2011. The exhibition will be curated by Professor Helga Prignitz-Poda.

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What’s Love Gotta Do With Us?

Faraaz Kazi’s first book reveals the story of Rahul and Seema’s life and love. Check out the soon-to-be-released book’s trailers:

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