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Hunting The Assassin

Review of The Man From St Petersburg; Ken Follett; PAN Book (Hamilton 1982;) Rs 299; pp 456
– Shana Susan Ninan

Having read Ken’s Fall Of Giants before this book, I had an idea of his writing style for the pre-WWI years. But there’s no slack in action or a second where I thought I read a similar portion elsewhere in the author’s other works. The Man From St Petersburg is a fictional novel set just before the outbreak of WWI, narrating the lives of the Waldens and how one man’s determination changed their lives forever.

Feliks Kschessinsky is a Russian anarchist. Walden wanted to kill Feliks. Walden’s wife, Lydia wanted to keep Feliks alive. Walden’s daughter, Charlotte was bewitched by Felik’s charm and outright nature. His mission was to assassinate a Russian prince, thereby stopping the Ruso-Anglo alliance in the war.

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