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10 Grand Examples of Corporate Strategy

Case Studies in Corporate Strategies; Prof. Dileep Saptarishi and Prof. Jairaj Kochavara; Pearson 2015; pp 155

– Shana Susan Ninan

What better way to teach corporate strategy than using case studies, timely and relevant. The above book delineates 10 Indian companies that began as small ventures and have grown into large corporations. The authors have brought out the best of the companies’ strategies on market segmentation, acquisitions, CSR, taxation, HR, Finance, etc. Each case study is holistic and thought-provoking, prodding us to think further on how to take an enterprise from ground level up.

One that I think I may personally use in my PR and Corporate Communications class is the example of Emami’s fairness cream for men. The very idea of men needing a fairness cream, the execution of the ad, and all the way up to the selling of the products. Other examples are from IT, Cut flower business, packaging Steel, R&D, FMCG, Food & Beverages, and others.

As much as this book is meant for teaching faculty, it is quite applicable for freshers in various industry. Some of the case studies are pertinent in the international arena, too.


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Bringing Out The Best In People

About the book – Corporate Nirvana

It is a fable of urban enlightenment. It is about people and professionals like us who choose to live a hectic, modern life. The book speaks about the dilemmas of our fast-paced life, and how we can achieve personal and professional success.

The book is reaching bookstores this month, and is published by Embassy Book Distributors.

Sonali has spent more than a decade in a hectic, though fruitful, corporate career. En route, she learned many lessons through her own mistakes and resulting realisations. All these put together, and her in-depth knowledge on personal leadership and self-development, resulted in Corporate Nirvana.

About the author – Sonali Masih-D’silva

Sonali has invested a major part of her life helping people to be their best. She is a leadership consultant and writer. Over the last 15 years, she has trained more than 10,000 participants on leadership and self-development. She encourages others to dream big and cultivate courage.  Her belief is that our circumstances can delay us, but not stop us. This has led to accomplishments that seemed impossible when she began. Over the years Sonali has worked as an academic associate with IIM, Indore, and as a Behavioral Consultant with Wipro Technologies.

Corporate Nirvana is her first attempt at writing fiction to convey what she strongly believes in. She regularly writes on the theme of being our best. Check out what the author says about the book:

To join Sonali for inspiring thoughts and practical wisdom visit:

Book Excerpt:

Chapter 1 – A Personal Breakthrough

“What I am about to share with you might surprise you greatly. It surprised me, I can tell you that. In fact, you might even disbelieve me for a while. After all, how often do you find real people who have experienced true transformation in just a few months! I wasted years of my life thinking I was living a life that was almost impossible to step out of. The moment I walked away from it, I realised how easy it is. To tell you the truth, I am just an everyday kind of person deep down, so what is possible for me could be so for you too. I know I am putting myself on the line here, but I am going to say something important to you. The simple but profound lessons that you will discover in the next nine chapters really work, because they are based on certain principles. I assure you that stunning results will follow if you put in practice what you are about to learn.

To succeed like this, way beyond your imagination, and still have a balanced life, is more achievable than you think.”

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