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Tagline Contest for Redbadge

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Winner gets a Free one year membership absolutely. What’s more – a year full of books.

Have you noticed that our website does not have a tagline or slogan? Well, it’s deliberate. We’re committed to our promise of building a portal for you that epitomises a little bit of you as well. So, all you wordsmiths out there, or anyone armed with a keyboard and internet connection can send in your options for the Redbadge tagline. Not only will you leave your imprint on, but you will also be rewarded with one year’s free membership.

That’s right! Put on your thinking cap and start scribbling.

Remember, just send it in, no matter how silly it seems to you. It might just be a brilliant idea.

Send your masterpieces to:

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My Favourite Female Character

Vesuvia Adelia Rachel Ortese Aguilar is a medieval pathologist from the University of Salerno, Italy, in Ariana Franklin’s The Mistress Of The Art Of Death. Better known as Adelia Aguilar, she is strong-minded, decisive and excellent at her work. Living in a time – twelfth century – when women doctors, especially those who did post-mortem analysis were burnt at the stake as witches, she strives hard to do her work, without having to compromise. Sent to investigate the murders of four children in King Henry IVth’s England, she excels in a man’s world. And boy does she do it well! She exudes a magnificent presence by which most of the male characters of the novel and the series are silhouette in the background.

Her characteristics are faintly feministic and mostly liberal.

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Write About Your Favourite Female Characters

Book lovers and book bloggers, lend me your ears. There’s this interesting contest at

It is organised by a fairly new women’s webzine called Women’s Web. Write on!

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