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An eye-opener for kids, the comic way!

About the book

It is a sweet story about a little girl Maira who learned a valuable lesson that ‘You don’t need some special powers to be a super girl or super boy. A happy face, good nature and helpfulness makes you a super girl/ super boy’. It is beautifully illustrated and presented making sure each kid would enjoy this reading journey. The story teaches children to be more giving and tolerant. Instead of being very preachy, the story acts as an eye opener for all little kids.

About the Author

Author Rungeen Singh is an independent writer and editing professional. She has a Masters in English Honours and an LLB. Thirty-eight of the author’s books for children have been published, and 42 books are under printing right now. She has published more than 700 short stories, articles and poems for children and for grown-ups. She is associated with various publishing houses, newspapers and magazines.

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Happy 30th B’day Tinkle Comics

Yep, Tinkle Comics turned 30 today! Growing up, I’m sure, most of us have read Tinkle. At least one full volume. Even now, when I travel on the train and have forgotten to carry my books to read with me, I hound the nearest peddler for a copy of the comic! And, my favourite character is Tantri the Mantri!

Twelve-year-old Elaine D’Lima launched the first Tinkle book on 14 November 1980.

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Happy Birthday Asterix

Asterix the Gaul turned 50 on October 9. The shrewd Asterix and his friend Obelix appeared in the French Pilote in October 1959 for the first time. The Asterix series is one of the world’s most read comic strips. It’s read by the young and the old. The comic is now available in more than hundred languages!

To mark the birthday, Uderzo, the artist, has created the new adventure, The Birthday of Asterix and Obelix.

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