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Happy 30th B’day Tinkle Comics

Yep, Tinkle Comics turned 30 today! Growing up, I’m sure, most of us have read Tinkle. At least one full volume. Even now, when I travel on the train and have forgotten to carry my books to read with me, I hound the nearest peddler for a copy of the comic! And, my favourite character is Tantri the Mantri!

Twelve-year-old Elaine D’Lima launched the first Tinkle book on 14 November 1980.

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Currently reading The Indispensable Calvin And Hobbes: A Calvin And Hobbes Treasury, and laughing out loud!

Calvin sure beats Dennis by a thousand miles, at the menace he creates. But sometimes he’s so diagonally rewarded. Like when he pushed his parent’s car into a ditch – mom was more worried about HIM getting hurt, and refrained from punishing Calvin as NO ONE was hurt.

Bill Watterson’s words (or his editor’s) so totally engaging. All considered – my transmorgrified imagination included – I’m sure my kid’s gonna be a Calvin! 😛

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Paris Through The Eyes Of Mario Miranda

On December 8, world-renowned cartoonist Mario Miranda’s photobook on Paris will be released by Ambassador of France Jerome Bonnafont, in Delhi. It will have cafes, mosques, bookshops and other places and things of interest in Paris – but all this seen through Miranda’s eyes.

This Goa-based artist was awarded the Padma Shri in 1988 and the Padma Bhushan in 2002. He has travelled widely all over the world, and has worked for The Illustrated Weekly, The Times of India and Economic Times, and has published his works in many magazines.

Miranda has worked with big names such as Charles Schultz and R.K. Laxman. He has published several books and illustrations in books for others. He is best known for his keen portrayal of Goa and Goan village life.

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