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Review of International Business; Sumati Varma; and Services Marketing – Text and Cases; Harsh V. Verma; Pearson 2012

– Shana Susan Ninan

As a text for students and professionals, Ms Varma’s International Business is copiously supplied with broad details and cases that relevant on a global level.

An exhaustive chapter on Cultural Environment caught tugged my intellectual strings – I found it very informative and useful. With a universal applicability, culture is something that pervades all types of businesses, across the globe. The detailed and well-researched examples will help one to identify emerging issues and solutions in the business world.

Teaching or learning Services accounts for a sizeable amount of field study and case references. And that’s what Harsh Verma’s Services Marketing does – give lots of cases and review questions.

Apt for students as well executive level professionals, the book gives ample practical exercises to complement the theoretical knowledge provided.

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Coffee, People & The Third Place

Review of It’s Not about the Coffee: Lessons on Putting People First from a Life at Starbucks; Howard Behar and Janet Goldstein; Portfolio 2007; pp 208

– Susan Thomas

True to the title, It’s Not About the Coffee explores the underlying motivations and sustainable ways to building a long-lasting brand. Howard Behar applies his experience at Starbucks to highlight numerous ways to kicking a brand into gear and moving goals into action and accomplishment. He asserts that knowledge sharing, independent thinking, genuine caring and accountability are powerful ways to grow the human connection in an organisation, leading to greater productivity and brand loyalty.

He incorporates thought-provoking quotes from Eleanor Roosevelt, Rabbi Hillel and Buddha to communicate the importance of listening and trust. He also uses a variety of examples from Starbucks’s successes and failures to demonstrate responsibility, team-work, creativity and persistence. Behar’s ideas are clear, straight-forward and essentially centres on fundamental values and core human senses: feeling, thinking and doing with a strong sense of determination and purpose.

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