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Art for Acceptance

Review of The Art of Kozu; James Edgecombe; Sandstone Press 2014; pp 130

– Shana Susan Ninan

A straightforward cover with a Kimono-clad woman looking towards the hills greets us as we take up James Edgecombe’s The Art of Kozu. In two parts, the author gives realistic details of the life of Kuzo and Yumiko. The Takayanagi family of art dealers has long been associated with the artist Yuichiro Kozu (1878-1953). With the war over interest is renewed in the art of Kozu. A painting is used as the basis for the story, and unravels word by word, image by image.

Indochina during the Japanese occupation and Paris are the two areas where the story is based. Almost 20 years of art and conflict is depicted in this short novel. The power and influence of the two are portrayed through the lives of the protagonists. This controversial artist’s struggle for acceptance and uncorrupted recognition forms an undercurrent in the two sections.

Edgecombe’s words are evocative, visual and highly appealing to our senses. One gets the feeling of gliding on the surface of a painting, taking in the hues and the smells. Representation of Yumiko, the married lover, is done stunningly well. Yumiko stands for everything that’s desirable and, sometimes, forbidden. The romantic imagery and soulful prose guide the reader seamlessly through the years as the author takes us into times of war, struggle, love and separation.

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Turkey To Hold Its First Ever Diego-Kahlo Paintings Exhibition

Born José Diego Rivera Barrientos in December 1886, this Mexican muralistis best known for being one the greatest artists of the 20th century and one of the pioneers of 20th century art and politics in Mexico. In his 70 years of living, he has lived, worked and travelled across many countries, been influenced by several themes and other artists.

Starting with portraits and landscapes and later becoming a master in Cubism and frescoes his political voice is best heard and felt through his murals. Diego was an ardent Marxist and Communist. His famous work of writing is My Art, My Life: AN Autobiography.

And for the first time in the history of Turkey, it will be exhibiting 40 pieces of work by Diego and Kahlo, his long time student, friend and wife. The Suna and İnan Kıraç Foundation Pera Museum will exhibit these selected works for a show starting December 23 and go on till March 2011. The exhibition will be curated by Professor Helga Prignitz-Poda.

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Paris Through The Eyes Of Mario Miranda

On December 8, world-renowned cartoonist Mario Miranda’s photobook on Paris will be released by Ambassador of France Jerome Bonnafont, in Delhi. It will have cafes, mosques, bookshops and other places and things of interest in Paris – but all this seen through Miranda’s eyes.

This Goa-based artist was awarded the Padma Shri in 1988 and the Padma Bhushan in 2002. He has travelled widely all over the world, and has worked for The Illustrated Weekly, The Times of India and Economic Times, and has published his works in many magazines.

Miranda has worked with big names such as Charles Schultz and R.K. Laxman. He has published several books and illustrations in books for others. He is best known for his keen portrayal of Goa and Goan village life.

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