Shreya’s Birthday Countdown


Review of Shreya’s Eighth; Smita Ganeriwala; Illustrators: Neha Gupta and Mamta Agarwal; Smita Jee Publications 2014; Rs 350; pp 71

– Shana Susan Ninan

The first book in the series, Three Sisters Monthly Countdown Series, Shreya’s Eighth deals with a month of activity in Shreya’s life just before she turns eight. Her sisters are four and thirteen and are quite a huge part of the fun festival. The eight child-friendly recipes in the book are a major highlight.

Cozy Heights, where the family lives, is a mini town and would be an ideal place for any child to grow up in. The foodie fun starts with a kitty party Shreya’s grandma is organizing. Easy recipes and cooking classes follow.

Shreya is a grand planner – she wants everything picture perfect for her eighth birthday. From the décor and colours to the food and fellowship. And this is something that all children love. Follow her as she goes on a month-long spree of plans and tick-offs.

As a Children’s Book, it would have been better and more reader-friendly if there were more lively conversations and dialogues than large chunks of narrative text. The big font size and wide gutters are good the young eyes. The birthday itself – games, gifts and surprises – make for a good and memorable read. The illustrations are interestingly detailed.

The author Smita Ganeriwala is a working mom, Chartered Accountant, writer, sportsperson and a musician. As an ardent foodie herself, she’s combined that passion with writing to weave beautiful stories for children.

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