In the thick night,

the lamps are lit.

A lone drum plays

and then more.

Cymbals join.

He comes on stage,

in all the glory.

anklets in rhythm.

The regal head gear,

a face fiercely painted

and yet so divine…

body dark as the night.

the legs move,

hands gesture,

every muscle alive,

eyes capture.

Me in rapture.

The music rises

falls. rises.

Movements blur,

flows, blur.

His body glistens,

in fire and vigour.

my heart pounds.

His eyes ablaze.

Me ablaze.

As he swirls,

I shake with joy,

so pure.

I bow to THE divine,

so enigmatic.

The show is done.

i long to see him,

THE divine.

I meet –

a disrobing man




I return.

  • – Sajitha Rasheed

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