Scorching Heat

In this scorching heat, I sweat, I fume and I cry

This hue of heat is something irritating

The stickiness that wants to make me go naked…

The lily out was supposed to be purple, the heat could make it lavender

But oh my, it’s stuck at brown!

The little sparrow quenched and danced every day in the bird pond I had,

And today, look at it, went to my neighbours pond,

The scorching heat had drained my pond, but then it was my bird pond for my sparrows and it had some more…

Everyone thought the scorching heat made me mad…

But me in gratitude… the scorching heat was a shield..

My emotion could be camouflaged, my sweat, my fume and my cry…

The nakedness…. The scorching heat… could share the blame…

– Satish Menon

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