Culture Curry of the East

Review of Raconteurs From The Hills; Talilula , Vishu Rita Krocha, Agnes Tepa, Emisen Jamir, Imti Longchar, Lhutu Keyho; Pen Thrill Publishing 2014; Rs 199; pp 122

– Aditi Vinayakan

It happens almost instantly. One moment you might be in your room, the next you get a whiff of what Nagamese culture is all about, both good and the bad through the six authors that made Raconteurs from the hills.

Out of the 13 thirteen stories, my personal favorite would be ‘A Porcine tale’ by Talilula, a satire that most definitely manages to keep you reading further. After reading ‘Diary of two dog meat fanatics’ your face might either have a smile or leave you frowning for the sheer quirkiness of it.

I’ve never been to Nagaland, but reading this work has made me want to travel solo all the way to the Far East to discover the truth behind these stories. After all, creation of fiction does require some amount of factual data that leads to its very birth that makes us want to live right in it.

The cover of the book has a certain calmness to it that reminds me of mountains and the peace that comes with being amongst it. It’s one of those books that you might just enjoy cuddling up with on a lazy Sunday. Bring in some rain and a cup of hot coffee, and you’re all set to be taken to a place that you would never want to come back from.

One of the best things about the book is the fact that it not only is suitable for pleasure reading but it actually makes you think about your society and the society that you’ve come to know and realise through the words of another.

All in all Raconteurs From The Hills is definitely a good read and worth every penny.


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Culture Curry of the East, 9.1 out of 10 based on 7 ratings

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