Moustache, Mystery and the Man

Review of The Great Mortdecai Moustache Mystery; Kyril Bonfiglioli, completed by Craig Brown; Penguin 2012; Rs 399; pp 175

The moustache – hair garden, rather – on Mortdecai’s upper lip is as much the protagonist as Hon. Charlie Mordecai himself is. The Great Mortdecai Moustache Mystery is the fourth Charlie Mortdecai in the series, and definitely has you laughing. It’s more like a Holmes Meets Wodehouse kinda humour, with nothing less to be said.

Two decades after the author’s death, this book was completed by Craig Brown and published by Penguin. This whodunit follows Mortdecai for almost half the book in his convalescent state – a long rest time which he’s put to good use by cultivating a largish hairy chrysanthemum on the upper lip. Much to the chagrin of his wife, Johanna, and his acquaintances. He is invited to Oxford to investigate the death of a lady Don at Scone College. The protagonist and his trusted ‘dawg’ Mr Jock leave us in splits of laughter, and so does the sections where Mordecai navigates major pain-in-the-necks to get at the villain.

Kyril Bonfiglioli has studied at Oxford and worked in the army, then as an art dealer, quite like his creation, Charlie Mortdecai. Bonfiglioli was born on the south coast of England in 1928 to an English mother and Italo-Slovene father.

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