Lawyer at 13!

Review of Theodore Boone: The Activist; John Grisham; Puffin Books 2013; pp 304

– Shana Susan Ninan

I fell for his robust plots and forceful prose from the time I laid hands on The Client. John Grisham doesn’t disappoint in his YA collection either. Theodore Boone: The Activist, the fourth in the series, features the 13-year-old only son of a lawyer couple. With both parents vocal in their own ways, and having the luxury of an office to himself in a backroom of Boone & Boone, Theodore knows the law better than all his peers put together. And when the authorities of the American city of Strattenburg decide to “take” people’s lands in the name of eminent domain for a bypass that’d run around the city, he decides to join a group of environment activists.

The turning point is when he visits a friend’s farm, spots encroaching surveyors and gets involved in a fight that leaves his dog and faithful companion, Judge in a fatal state. Having hung around courts and law offices all his life, he’s familiar with the legal arm of the city. He uses it to his advantage, even winning over a family debate with his dad.

This book has all the legal drama of any other Grisham one – court scenes, standoff between parties, legal tiffs, and of course, the bad guys who break the law! Well, for animal lovers like me, the pages where Judge is hanging on to dear life in a Vet’s clinic can be a tad tear-jerking.


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Lawyer at 13!, 9.8 out of 10 based on 6 ratings

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