Surviving Love

Review of Don’s Wife – …What You See is Only Half the Truth; Vinod Pande; Mahaveer Publishers 2013; Rs 295; pp 501

– Shana Susan Ninan

Vinod Pande’s debut novel, Don’s Wife reads like a movie script. And, not surprisingly, Pande is a documentary and film-maker and ex-broadcaster with BBC, now settled in Bombay. A city infamously known for its seedy underbelly. The plot revolves around Kamini, the wife of Don Harsh, and her life. She’s flamboyant, self-driven and a passionate lover. Her life is as intriguing as her death.

With a colourful cover page that leads the reader in Kamini’s world, Pande takes us through several cities of Maharashtra, the many places she visits, and the people that populate her vibrant life. She’s torn between ardent love and ever present responsibility. Her choices will decide her future, and that of her family’s.

The sexual content in the book is badly written, to say the least. Sex is a topic one has to deal with, carefully, irrespective of the genre. In a novel, just like in a film, sex cannot, and should not, be portrayed in a clinical manner, full of jargon and unintelligible layers. I found the sex scenes in this novel comparable to a low-rate blue film, only meant to tickle a certain section of the audience, and not meant to create a soothing and lasting feeling in the minds of a majority of its readers. I’m sure the author can definitely improve on that note.

And, as with most Indian fiction writers, a strong and sensible editor could’ve provided a tighter flow of the story, something that would ensure uninterrupted reading.

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Surviving Love, 5.5 out of 10 based on 6 ratings

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