Deconstructing Love

Review of Love, That Shit!; Chandru Bhojwani; OM Books 2014; Rs 195; pp 143

– Shana Susan Ninan

From Phil Collins to Sylvester Stallone, and everyone in between have had their share of ups and downs in their life. And love, or the lack of it sometimes, played a major part in their successes. Chandru deals with a delicate topic by drawing from the lives of people around us – celebrities, musicians, ordinary men and women – to show us how to tame life. A common thread that runs through the various chapters in the book is the fact that there’s just one You. No one can be Youer than You.

It’s the third work of the author I’m reading and I feel he’s matured as an author. The strength from which one can write such a book is immense – any fool can fall in love, but it takes a brave person to advice others on the matters of love.

Chandru weaves the fabric of love, intricately. It’s almost as if, when we read the book, you can feel the author standing behind your shoulders, reading out those words to you. Neatly stacked into small chapters, everything from being single and matrimonial pressures to unhealthy relationships and arranged marriage, culminating with the pregnant husband! The little human stories within each part make it authentic and identifiable.


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