Unceasing Gladness for Everything

Review of Pollyana; Eleanor H. Porter; Puffin Classics, first published by Harrap 1927; pp 269

– Shana Susan Ninan

I haven’t seen many people who can remain ‘glad’ even in the darkest of times. And here’s a teeny girl, cheerful and with unbounded joy, looking optimistic at life. This was my second reading of the book (the first being in my teenage), and as an adult, I now see the story from Aunt Polly’s and the other adults’ eyes.

Pollyanna Whittier – her mom named her after her two sisters, Polly and Anna! – a recently orphaned girl, comes to live with her aunt, Polly. Now, Ms Polly is a stern spinster, who rarely smiles, let alone have the capacity to be glad about something in her life.

The little girl spreads cheer to all around her, whether at home or in the neighbourhood. And Aunt Polly finds it amusing, and irritating, that Pollyanna would even be happy to be punished! The young girl’s laughter and bubbling nature fills the house, to the point where when an accident befalls her, the whole place goes quiet and sad. Pollyanna’s optimism sees her through the dark days, giving strength to those who tend to her, too.

Pollyanna’s story is set in a time when mirrors were called looking-glass, and cars, motor-cars. The soothing narrative has a serene countryside and typical characters in it. And as a classic, it definitely scores. It made my day, once more.



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