Picked up, Here and There

Review of Musings of a Wandering Ministrel; Ravi Trivedy; Patridge India 2013; pp 80

– Shana Susan Ninan

Poet Ravi Trivedy stays true to the heading that he’s given to his eclectic collection of poems and sketches, in Musings of a Wandering Ministrel. Drawn from real and imagined people and situations, the poems vary in size, form and tone. Definitely written at different times, when in diverse moods, they reflect slices of life experienced.

There are mixtures of short- and medium-sized lines, small and large paragraphs, rhyming and metaphors. Some poems are very symbolic – take, for instance, the great giving bosom of a tree and its shade. The picture that comes to minds is an all-giving mother.

Themes range from an ode to Ogden Nash, a poem on Bjorn Borg the Tennis great, a lost wanderer in a desert, loathing and derision, temptation, Bombay streets, awakening, youth in America… the last section on humour was refreshing.

The poet’s ability to touch a chord with his readers can be best seen in this piece of the poem, ‘A Traveler Grieves’:

Friends and selves,

left by the wayside.

Swept by tides,

of time and distance.


Had I seen you,

standing by the road,

we could have travelled

a few miles together.


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