Eerie Stories!

Review of Boarding School Buddies – Bizarre Escapades; Wyn la Bouchardiére, Foreword By Ruskin Bond; CinnamonTeal 2012; pp 54

–  Shana Susan Ninan

Just over 50 pages, Wyn La Bouchardiére’s book Boarding School Buddies – Bizarre Escapades is a great one for young readers. I love bizarre stories, and as a person who has scoured cemeteries and graveyards, enjoyed narrating and listening to ‘ghost stories’ in school and college, I found this book something to identify with. Wyn has neatly outlined the stories with a pencil sketch illustration at the beginning of each, thereby giving us a glimpse of the story’s plot.

Ponnu, Eddy, Sam and Abu are four boarding school buddies – their school is in the Nilgiris – and share the same hometown, too. The stories are spread across both the locations, with spooky characters all along. But they aren’t spooky enough to scare a teen reader out of her wits. The secure presence of an elder or a parent, especially towards the end of a story, is quite reassuring and comforting.

Themes such as the haunted pond, the gravedigger, the black magic neighbour and the terrifying tree all make for interesting reading. The cover page in sombre maroon, black and dusty colours of a Christian cemetery is definitely a scoring point. This is one book I’m sure I’d read to my son when he’s older; but that’s years away!

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Eerie Stories!, 6.7 out of 10 based on 6 ratings

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