That Something Between Them

Review of Her Sister’s Wedding; Jane Ainslie; Decadent Publishing Ebook

– Shana Susan Ninan

From a pretty taut and serious narrative in her debut work, Chai For Beginners, author Jane Ainslie has given us a cute romance fiction – Her Sister’s Wedding. The story is based in Melbourne, Australia, with a dash of Paris included. It is the kind of romantic plot that’s light on the mind, and one that melts away any tensions in the head, just like Mandy’s does as she sips a bubbly to calm her nerves.

Mandy Evans is a journalist and painter who’s waiting to fly to Paris and join art school. Jake Pearson is a gorgeous chef and hotel chain owner who believes himself to be logical and all things in life planned out well.  But love doesn’t give you what you expect. At her sister Charlotte’s wedding, Mandy is the step-in bridesmaid and Jake is the groom’s best man. The two are totally opposite in manner and looks, and she’s not at all like the sophisticated women in his circles. He’s prim and proper; she doesn’t give a damn about her unruly auburn hair. He’s careful with his words; she’s as oblivious to her surroundings as possible. In fact, at their first meeting (when she didn’t recognise Jake the person) she even told Jake that she dislikes the idea of chains of hotels around the globe, and that Jake Pearson’s hotel might just be another McDonald’s!

Jane knows when to raise the readers’ heartbeats, to create flutters in our tummies and when to settle us down, almost with dim lighting in the background. She evokes several feelings in us as we read her work – and that’s coming from me who refuses to read romance fiction, if given a choice.

The newly-fallen-in-love couple find it difficult to take their romance forward as both of them have plans for their near future, with no space for the other in their lives right now. Out comes Dario, Mandy’s best friend, handyman, adviser and fashion guru. When he’s at hand, nothing can go wrong.

Jane’s writing is casual, easy on the eye, with light humour in every page.  And having read the book in the Valentine’s Week, just made it all the more special!

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That Something Between Them, 4.3 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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  1. February 14th, 2014 | Patricia says:

    Great review. I enjoyed “Her Sister’s Wedding” too. It was very light and very happy with some extremely likable characters. Dario is a great one and Jake was pretty much the ideal. There is fun and fashion, art and wisdom. I hope Jane Ainslie publishes more books and I wouldn’t mind if they were longer as her books put me in such a good mood.

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