Vengeance, thy Name is Woman!

Review of One Woman’s Vengeance – Strong. Beautiful. Deadly.; Dennis R. Miller; pp 147

– Shana Susan Ninan

A debut book, a racy thriller at that, crafted to hold the reader riveted to the seat. That’s One Woman’s Vengeance, by Dennis R. Miller. This novel isn’t for the faint-hearted – the author makes it very clear. Protagonist Nora Hawks detests guns – “Guns were like the men who created them – heavy, cold, loud and deadly.” But her circumstances are such that guns become her new best friend.

The group of burly men who killed her husband, then gang raped and left her for dead, did one mistake – they never expected her to come back. And how! Teaming up with retired bounty hunter and tracking specialist, Peter Clawson, she vows revenge on the guys that took away every last bit of happiness from her life. It isn’t easy. Hands that are meant for kneading dough or sewing sweaters now hoist up heavy guns. After a glassy recovery, she persuades – more like forces – Peter to teach her everything there is to know about handling weapons, firing rifles, practicing moves with the dagger, and most of all, how to save herself from a bunch of men, who if they knew she was still alive would make her go through all that trauma once more, twice over.

Nora’s and Peter’s complex relationship is best described in the author’s own words: ‘Nora taught him how to live; and he taught her how to kill.’ Nora helps Peter improve his cooking, and in turn, Peter shares his knowledge and skills with her. And not without reluctance. For the most part, he keeps reiterating that this isn’t the job of a woman. And in the late eighteenth century, when women silently suffered rape and humiliation, here was a woman who came forward admitting the occurrence of the crime committed against her, and willing to do anything and everything to stop other women from having to go through the similar situation.

At 147 pages, this is a quick read, especially because Dennis is able to capture your attention through superb imagery and sensuous story telling. He awakens our five senses and keeps us on our toes, literally. When a gun is fired, you can nearly smell the fiery powder, or when Nora kicks and wounds the men, you feel like in the middle of the whole thing. The two main characters are well-rounded, with layers of history revealed at the right time.

On a more personal note, as a woman who never misses a chance to punch a guy whose hands stray waywardly towards me, in public transport or in a crowd, I loved the energy and enthusiasm of Nora Hawks. The hate-filled vengeance is something to watch out for in the book.


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