Man On The Prowl

Review of Fire in the Rain; Surendra Mohanty; Self Published 2013; pp 139; Rs 100

– Shana Susan Ninan

Set in India’s various metros, Surendra Mohanty’s self-published serial killer thriller comes to you with strong characters, fast-moving plot and fluid writing. That the killer is revealed to the reader in the very first few pages of the book is a dampening factor. But then again, each thriller story is different, so this is just another mode of storytelling that the author chose, I suppose. If you’re looking at a nail-biting chase to the end, it’s not there, because you already know the man on the prowl, and you are aware of his modus operandi.

The cover image of the book is quite striking, with an apt font and design for the name. But I guess a looming villainous silhouette in the background could have made a big difference, especially when this novella sits there on book shelves among Thrillers.

Friday the thirteenth is ominous for many. More so for the women who fall for the protagonist’s charm. I shall not use his name so that I don’t give away the aliases. He moves from metro to metro, hunting and killing with a revenge. And, in the end, it takes a stronger woman to bring him down.

Some of the scenes are really visual – almost movie-like. The climax seems open-ended, setting the tone for a sequel. We are really not sure whether the charismatic villain meets his end or not.


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