Cracking the Templar’s Code

Review of The Templar’s Secret; C. M. Palov; Penguin 2012; Rs 350

– Shana Susan Ninan

A Templar thriller that’ll keep you glued to the pages. C. M. Palov’s The Templar’s Secret got me finishing the book in a matter of two days. now, considering I have a hectic day job and a scrambling toddler waiting for me back home, that’s saying something about the pace of the book. Switching between early Mediaeval age and the present day, the plot takes you to Fort Kochi in South India, Spain and Paris, as well as New York!

Realisation dawns quite late for ex-MI5 and Templar expert Caedmon Aisquith as his high school love, Gita Patel comes to him asking for his help in finding their abducted daughter. As part of her work, she had contacted the Vatican Archives for almost secret information, which gets her into the soup. A criminal mastermind inside the Papacy hopes to retrieve an old and abandoned gospel called the Evagelium Gaspar. And he does this by kidnapping (using his extended resources of course) Ms Anala Patel and holding her to ransom.

Caedmon is jolted from his carefree present life and, along with his love, Eddie, and Gita he follows a series of clues to figure out the location of the long lost gospel. The book opens with a Templar knight being tortured to get information on the very same gospel that the trio are now after. What is interesting is that a lot of history comes across in the lines but in a very unassuming way, something a lay reader can digest.

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Cracking the Templar's Code, 6.0 out of 10 based on 6 ratings

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