Saving the World, The Kalki Way

Review of The Wordkeepers; Jash Sen; Duckbill Books; Rs 225

– Shana Susan Ninan

The first book of a series, Jash Sen’s The Wordkeeper is an interesting read in the Young Readers mythology/ fantasy genre. The cover caught my attention right away – glossy dark photo of a shiny green eye.

You’ll find humans, superhumans, gods, demi-gods and yakshas as characters, and the story is set at the end of the Kaliyug. Anya Sharma is a happy go lucky young girl whose life suddenly takes a turn. From her house in Bangalore to the out of space residence of the Supremo, and forest dwellings, Sen takes us through many locations, introducing characters as the plot thickens. Anya the wordkeeper has to find the Kalki avatar, Bilal, a young boy from a far off village. Does she find him in time? Who helps her? More questions and quests follow…

Considering I was reading a similarly plotted novel alongside Sen’s book, the Kalki avatar-Krishna’s legacy plot was a little dragging for me. So was the easy and lucid reading. But for a pre-teen or an adolescent, this is a great read, especially if they’re into Indian Mythology with contemporary leanings. The fantasy and adventure elements are sketched out well.

The pace lags a bit in places, and the story could do with some tight editing. Hoping the next two books will keep up the momentum.

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Saving the World, The Kalki Way, 8.7 out of 10 based on 7 ratings

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