Blown Away by Love

Review of Love Hurts, Love Heals; Sundeep Tibrewal; APK Publishers 2012; Rs 195; pp 154

– By Shinjana Mukherjee

Love is perhaps the most talked about and yet the least understood of all human emotions. The more one tries to explore its profundities, the more one gets entangled into its subliminal layers. In this book, Love Hurts, Love Heals, Sundeep Tibrewal explores and explicates the many subtleties of love that come along with different relationships.

Written in the first person narrative, the book, from its very onset lets us have a thorough look at the author’s personal outlook about love and romance. It forms a fascinating prologue and allows us to look forward to what lies next. In the ensuing chapters, the author gives detailed descriptions of meeting his ‘special someone’ Neha, replete with accounts of a typical arranged marriage, that is rich in Indian traditions and customs. As two completely unknown individuals meet and warm up to each other, it makes the reader ponder over the sheer magic that Destiny is, and how, by means of often serendipitous turn of events, it brings together two souls who are made for each other. How Sundeep and Neha overcome their initial hesitation and helplessly fall for each other through their conversations, gestures and expressions of growing love has been portrayed beautifully, as the reader realizes that Sundeep has indeed poured out the inmost feelings of his heart in this semi-autobiographical piece of work.

Their days of courtship before and after their engagement, followed by their wedding, not only make the reader dreamy but also establish the closeness that the couple gradually developed. What makes it appealing henceforth is how the love between Sundeep and Neha mature into a beautiful marital bond, which not only dwells on the rosy and mushy aspects of love but can be a real strength during tough times. Through various turning points in their family as well as professional life, they realise that they complement and thus, complete each other.

As their daughter Jiya is born, Sundeep and Neha’s world comes to shine even brighter. The excitement and gaiety of their respective families also know no bounds, as the little bundle of joy adds incomparable delight to everyone around. Alongside, the reader also gets an insight as to how Sundeep, like a sensible and conscientious individual, strikes a wonderful balance between work and pleasure, and Neha is his perfect partner in terms of enriching his life with her little acts of love and care. It is through such incidents that their compatibility resurfaces, as both work towards securing a happy future for them, in their own ways. The relationship between parents and their child, as well as the bond between a mother-in-law and a son-in-law has also been pen-pictured in a way that further reasserts the idea that marriages should not only be a union of two hearts, but the affection should extend between their families as well.

However, fate brings them to such a juncture that sets everything topsy-turvy for this couple. How they put up their fight against the invincible blows of fate forms the crux of the story and keeps the reader hooked on to the book. One wonders as to how the family will deal with the severe crises that almost wrecks them, but the power of love triumphs over all the hardships. Family emerges as the saviour, acting as the support system for the two, in times of distress.

The protagonist-cum-author gradually comes to terms with reality and its often harsh inflictions. As they say, God puts men through adversities, not to drown them but to cleanse them; so it is with Sundeep, in a way, purged by the circumstances that shape up in his life and he develops a broader, more positive outlook.

The book concludes with Sundeep’s letter to his daughter Jiya, which is sure to touch the heartstrings of every reader. Ultimately, our faith in faith is reaffirmed, as that is what helps the family to cope with the unprecedented course of events. We are compelled to ponder over the inevitability of Destiny, in all its good and bad ways, and are left content with the realization that come what may, love is imperishable. Once it touches our life, it leaves its fragrance and purges our soul in an innumerable untold ways.

Sundeep correctly summarises in the Author’s note at the end of the book, “The ‘Love hurts’ portion of the title of the book is actually a misnomer. In fact, love never hurts. It is the absence of love which hurts.”

* Shinjana Mukherjee is a first-year M.A. Literature student at the University of Calcutta. Also a freelance content-writer and editor, her passion lies in poetry. An avid reader with a keen eye for literary richness, she aspires to make it big in the world of words. 

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