The Beautiful Pink Scarecrow

Review of The Pink Scarecrow; Ankita Srivastava; Frog Books 2013; Rs 175; pp 173

– Tiya Joshi

The book starts (and ends) with the New Year’s eve party at the Army station institute attached to the Army camp at Bengdubi. Throughout the book author Ankita Srivastava stresses on the military bearing that everyone is supposed to carry, also going into detail, about the lady officers in the Army and their fascination with the beauty queen, an ex-Army officer herself who is to be the chief guest of the evening, including the disbelief of the male protagonist, Vishesh (who is a Second in Command) that she is ex-Army.

Vishesh finds himself unable to stop admiring this beauty, slipping into his memories of being the flirtatious guy, but the thought of one girl, Garvita and his feelings for her come back to him. Here the writer takes us through that brief time when Vishesh knew Garvita and how he ultimately mortifies her, believing lot of misrepresentations.  Here the past catches up with him, when he starts dancing with the mysterious Beauty Queen and it heads to the predictable end.

Now coming to the inevitable question of how the book was. Ankita’s debut book makes me definitely wanna  pick up her next work when it comes. Though the writing style doesn’t appeal in first few pages, the fault gets addressed pretty fast. Once it does pick up in Chapter 2, you start feeling the scenes she’s depicting for you, even making you smile when the reference to wild elephants as Maharajas and the incident related to it is narrated.

The book is dotted with poetry and song lyrics to depict the mood best, which is a brilliant style in itself.
A short book running to 162 pages it tells the story of one night eloquently enough. Further, it is a compelling short read even though the ending was predictable and brings with it that whiff of freshness that the first rain brings.

There are few shortcomings in there. Writing style needs a bit of refinement to the tune of what would please the ear and reading. The plot is predictable (not complaining though; I have read quite a few books with a good plot but bad writing).

If you are in the mood for a short read, this is a book worth indulging in.

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The Beautiful Pink Scarecrow, 8.0 out of 10 based on 6 ratings

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