Grooming a Politician

Extraordinary, Ordinary People: A Memoir of Family; Condoleezza Rice; Crown Archetype October 2010; hardcover, pp 333

– Susan Thomas

In Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell talked about concerted cultivation and the Rice family is a solid example of this type of upbringing, i.e. parents who painstakingly raise their children to be successful members of society.

Extraordinary, Ordinary People is a poignant and touching story of Dr Condoleezza Rice’s childhood and family. Born in racially segregated Alabama, Dr Rice takes the reader on a very personal journey of her upbringing and her loving and religious parents who were determined to help their only child succeed in every aspect of life. From a premature attempt to school their daughter at the age of three, the Rices teach valuable lessons of perseverance and focus in athletics, music, education, regular church attendance and most importantly strong values to guide and inspire oneself and others.

The book is a candid, emotive memoir of a highly admired woman who overcame obstacles with fierce determination and a passion for international politics.

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