Finding Solace in the Corporate World

Review of Moving On; Jaya Jha; Green Ink; pp 249

– Aju Aravind

Is the workplace a hideout?

This question seems surprising, isn’t it? Reading Jaya Jha’s debut novel Moving On makes one realise that the allure of working in the corporate business world, gives not only comforts but also offers a safe path to escape and alienate oneself from others and the problems that haunts us in flesh and blood.

Smriti, around whom the novel revolves, is a victim of circumstances. The protagonist is shown as the epitome of values like simplicity and humanity, which are fast disappearing especially from the corporate world. Hunted first by the memories of her father who showed her mother the corridors of death when she argues for her. Then by her husband who marries her for the sake of preserving the family tradition and values and bequeaths her for his girlfriend. Smriti finds solace in the arms of her boss Roshan, a divorcee. Most of the story revolves round how Smriti tries to build up a new relation with her boss, which ultimately ends in the knot. Smriti finds the dynamic corporate world as the best place to hide from herself and the spectres of her problems.

The novel speaks of woes of two generations of women, first that of her mother who was denied her rights by her parents and society. Her mother stands by her and tries to provide her the best education she could, for which she had to pay with her life. Unlike her mother, Smriti gathers the courage to stand up and fight for her rights. She risks herself on various occasions in an attempt to leave behind her traumatic past and to make a life for herself. The novel subtly calls the issues of female education and freedom into question. And further calls upon the readers to introspect their own role as fathers, mother, brothers and sisters. Jha attempts to put forth these sensitive issues, which requires special mention.

However, one does not develop any kind of sympathy for Smriti. Moving On makes an easy and interesting reading and also asks us, the reader, whether the women in the corporate world need sympathy to live? The answer may be simple yet difficult, and reading Jaya Jha will help us move on with the answer.

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