The Sweetness of Love, Tasted

About the book
At least once a person comes into your life and changes you for the rest of your whole life, just like a potter who takes sand, gives it a proper shape and moulds it with fire. After that, it’s not possible for it to return to its natural form… LOVE IS JUST LIKE THAT.

Journey of Two Hearts!: Will be Cherished Forever is a true love story of protagonist Anuj and the bird of his desires Pakhi. They made a milestone in their innocent and unforgettable love story.

“Sweetness of love you can taste, after wetting your lips with tears.”
When the world was sleeping those love birds were making the golden nest of love.

In the love there was passion, care and dedication for each other. Holding hands, strong feelings and just love, they always walked together. Anuj was always ready to do anything for her. He was a guy of surprises.

Unexpectedly what happened when the bird of desires said, “I can’t be with you Anuj, please leave me forever.”

Why did she turn from that path?
What happened that night which changed everything and broke the golden nest of love?

All promises broke… is a JOURNEY OF TWO HEARTS… few promises gone undone. However, as Anuj promised that at every memorable moment, he would be there to give her surprises… then why did he cry a lot for her?
A true tale… where love was there, but not more than sacrifices…

About the Author
Anuj Tiwari works with a prominent IT company. He lives in Mumbai and works with NGO’s over the weekends. “I have tasted the water of many fountains,” He avows. “Some were sweet, and some sour.” Journey of Two Hearts!: Will be Cherished Forever is his debut novel.

Anuj Tiwari is a motivational speaker as well after learning from life now, he delivers the voice from his heart very easily and simply to the youth. He is a youth icon with his very simple and effective thoughts. He says, “Don’t scale your perfection in the middle; sometimes your last card decides the winner.” He is one of the youngest authors from Bareilly. He visits colleges, universities, and talks to youth as he believes, “One day we all have to sleep forever, so let’s work till the day we breathe.” His motivational quotes are appreciated by many great people. He can be contacted at www.facebook.com/joth.anujtiwari, www.facebook.com/anujtiwari.joth, www.facebook.com/journeyoftwohearts, journeyoftwohearts@gmail.com

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