The Destiny of Love

About the book

He loves her intensely. She loves him deeply.

One evening she walks away, walks away without answering a word, leaving him totally stunned & perplexed.

Twenty-two years later, they meet accidentally in a mall, when both have some grey hairs and few wrinkles on their faces.

What could happen in just two days? The question kept haunting on Mayur all through the years despite best efforts to forget. And Shobha…. did she manage the twists & turns of destiny correctly… ???

Was Chandani, wedded after a perfect match of horoscopes to a well settled boy from a premium institution, able to pull off her marriage?

Did Verma aunty, who always lived in tears when her only son settled permanently in US get the care and attention in the winter of her life?

This innocent & tender love story veers round the pressing issue of superstition particularly the overdoses of astro predictions & belief. Does over belief weaken one’s ability to rationally look at a thing or a problem? How far one should go in believing on these? The book raises these questions to make one think over some irrational belief.

This being the central theme, some other emotive issues too have been knit around this love tale like high values of our family relationships and bonding. Faith and patience between a husband and wife can keep a family strong even against the odds. It then touches the woes of most of the Indian parents whose children have settled abroad. The parents find it very extremely difficult to adjust with the life abroad and children are unable to come back although each of them has immense feeling for the others.  Then it also raises the issue of an arranged marriage where the parents are obsessed with their personal points while scouting a groom for her daughter.

Starting in the backdrop of 1980s, this cute and intriguing love tale stretches to the present with a suspense that is created because of some events that took place in just two days to keep you absorbed and hooked till the last page as the mystery unfolds.

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About Author

Murlidhar Srivastava worked for many years with a central public sector undertaking in its marketing division. Currently residing in Patna, he is engaged in his own venture, an IT-enabled service. Book reading is his favourite pastime while writing is his hobby. This is his debut novel.

He enjoys music, especially listening to old melodies of Lata, watches cricket and loves to live far from the madding crowd.

He is available on Facebook and can be contacted at srivastavamurlidhar@gmail.com / mdsrivastva@yahoo.com


Read the prologue of his book Love destiny …..and those two days:



“What has happened Shobha? What’s the matter?”


“Please tell me. Just in two days what the hell has happened? Let me know. C’mon, why are you behaving so strangely?”


“Why don’t you speak out? Please, tell me for God’s sake, what is the reason for your silence? I have been so upset since that day. Why are you so serious? Tell me. We will sort out.”

“Have you brought my letters? Give me those.”

“Oh, no! Why are you so concerned about those? Okay, here are those letters.” Mayur took out bundle of letters from his pocket and handed the packet to her. “Now keep it with you and tell me what the problem is?”

Shobha took the letters and started going from there.

“Shobha stop, please…..”

But she did not stop. Mayur again opened his mouth but this time no words came out as he saw her go…went…and gone. She was out from the exit gate of the park.

He could not stop her or cry aloud – stood there absolutely dumbstruck, confused and shocked. What could have happened in those last few minutes was far beyond his thoughts; nay far beyond his dreams even. The one and only question that kept on haunting him was what could have been the reason for her unusual behaviour? He scratched his brain for an answer but could find none.

He remained bewildered at the strange turn of events that had taken place in the last few days and had made his life take a somersault. Slowly and gradually he moved but felt as though his feet were laden with lead. The park was buzzing with all kinds of activity. Children were screaming loudly at the top of their voices while playing and arguing; old couples were strolling as though lumbering with the weight of their bodies and a group of women sat on the lawn, deeply engrossed in gossiping and totally unaware of their whereabouts. But nothing looked visible to him. The gurgling sound of the water spouting from the fountain and the chirping of birds at this hour of the evening was sounding too loud, too jarring but did not seem to reach to his ears. All he wanted to do was to find an empty bench where he could rest his listless body. As soon as his eyes could locate one, he slumped on it .

Depressed to the core, he took out a cigarette from his pocket, lit it and took a deep breath, wondering if this was what destiny had in store for him! Of their own volition, his eyes closed shut.


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