Wake up Mr Arora!

Review of Chasing Butterflies; Richie Singh; GNO and A Publishers 2011; pp 121

– Rahul Unni

A highly unique book. This is the one statement that can sum up Richie Singh’s attempt. The book is an easy read, simple and effective.

The story traces a gentleman’s (Mr Toby Arora’s) spiritual awakening, post his late twenties, through a romantic involvement. A truly offshore/onshore romantic model of engagement develops between Mr Toby, who is in the U.S. and contemplating a return, and his better half (A U.S. returnee) living in India.

The book does have its boring moments, but that is not much the reader needs to worry about as the tale is punctuated with powerful poetic insights on the part of the author; and has a climax that is startling and short of nothing other than what the author has claimed it to be: an epiphany.

A small warning to the reader: you have to be ready to deal with the intertwining and coupling of modern technology and poetic depth while dealing with this book.

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Wake up Mr Arora!, 7.5 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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