Travels of Manni The Turtle

Review of Manni – From A World Beyond Stars; Benrali; Dreamworlds Beyond Time; pp 18; Rs 837 approx

– Shana Susan Ninan

A baby turtle on Guyana’s Shell Beach seeks his family. His life the next few hours is an adventurous ride – joining hands is Oonie, a coconut seed that transforms into a Moongazer. Drawing from Caribbean, Guyanese and Arawak Indian folklore and culture, author Benrali scrips – rather, sketches – the story of Manni, the turtle.

Benrali is an American author-illustrator born to Guyanese parents, and is the first to use the technique Ghazal couplets to decorate his story. The couplets flow like the water in the river, rendering a soothing music to the ear.

But that isn’t all. The whole book is illustrated to form a base for the story. I’d say that the illustrations capture the essence of the folklore and cultural aspects of the story. The sketches take the reader to Manni’s world. You can “hear” the waterfalls, “feel” the spray of water on your face as Manni dodges along the river, “see” the rise of the river, “travel” with Manni and Oonie to the island, and so on.

After his stint in the sea with Oonie as guide, Manni carries on with his search for his family. Colourfully done up, Benrali’s book is a refreshing read, classified under Caribbean Literature and also Children’s Literature.

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Travels of Manni The Turtle, 9.9 out of 10 based on 18 ratings

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