Penny Wise, Pound Foolish – It’s Time to Change That!

Review of The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari; Robin Sharma; Jaico publishing House; Rs185; pp 198

– Sharon Pradeeptha

The title speaks volumes of this book. Most of us are only concerned with our daily activities; no one spends time to think of their inner soul – something which needs nourishment as we move on with this life’s journey. The Monk who sold his Ferrari by Robin Sharma tells us insightfully how we need to nurture the embryo of our soul, body and mind – the human trilogy of nature.

Very skillfully crafted into the fable of Yogi Raman, an unforgettable story, it offers valuable advice as to how we can lead more fulfilling and fruitful lives.  Julian Mantle, an established lawyer, with his assistant John, had won many cases. He was agile, quick, energetic and full of zest for the law in his younger days. His once colorful life turned dull, staid and moved on without a sense of direction. He suffered a heart attack – his wake up call to slow down and live each day meaningfully.

It was then that he took off to the India – the ancient mystic land where wisdom lay unfolded. He left his all, even his slick, red Ferrari in search of a suitable master to help him unfold his destiny. Trudging onwards to the cold Himalayas, he finds the Nirvana of the Sivanas. There, under the able leadership of Yogi Raman, he learns the essence of Rejeunavated living. His obese figure trims down to that of a fine, healthy, young man’s. His face, with its flabby cheeks, gives way to a peaceful, toned profile.

Turning from a legal slug to a yogi, Julian makes his way back to England to spend the rest of his days fulfilling Yogi Raman’s promise – to tell others of this rewarding life. He starts with his friend, John and takes him (and the readers!) through the journey covering the seven timeless virtues of enlightened living, the ancient rule of 20, the 10 ancient rules for radiant living and many more tip,s giving the best advice one could ever get.

I, too, like Julian, never found any interest in anything other than books. Though many tried to persuade me, it had very little effect. This book, gifted to me by a well wisher, has given me many ways to improve myself. The author has given a special quick review – Julian’s wisdom in a nutshell, which is very useful to keep the points at our fingertips.

Robin Sharma is rightfully called the leadership guru – one can surely make their dreams a reality if they follow this book’s approach. Just as he aptly puts it, keep your cup empty.

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Penny Wise, Pound Foolish - It's Time to Change That!, 8.5 out of 10 based on 12 ratings

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  1. May 14th, 2012 | sudha says:

    very well written and compact review………hope to read the book soon

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