Of Fairies, Forests And Fate

Review of The Lost Pearl of Paradise – In Search of a Fairy; Abiral; Frog Books 2012; Rs 195; pp 271

– Shana Susan Ninan

That The Lost Pearl of Paradise was written by Abiral when he was 15 years old and aspires to write a hundred more novels, was what struck me at first look itself! In his book, the Brahmaputra Basin is the cradle of civilisation – one that predates even the Indus Valley and the Nile civilisations. When a whole tribe of people is erased from the face of the Earth, little did the villains think that a young girl – or rather a fairy – would be the one to lead the others in their race, spread all over the world, to light and to resurrect their goddess.

Abiel, as his mother named him, begins the story as a flashback and we’re transported to a different time and land – of fairies, forests and fate. The fairy, Pari is the chosen one. And she has to find the red pearl of paradise to save the people of her tribe. But the villains on the way just make her attempts harder, and success difficult to achieve.

I found the story a little disjointed at parts – nothing a little careful observation and editing can’t improve. The several, back and forth tiffs and make-ups between Abiel and the fairy, too, are disturbing. This doesn’t give a smooth flow to the plot.

What does stand out is the fantastical thinking and processing that has gone into the book. Author Abiral has done a good job of it.

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Of Fairies, Forests And Fate, 8.0 out of 10 based on 6 ratings

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  1. March 26th, 2012 | Cat says:

    This book sounds like a lovely story, I think I will add it to my already to long list. The Book Report is where I normally get my reviews from, check it out – http://www.bookreportradio.com/

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