Take Your Career Forward

About the Book

Career is a very important facet for almost every person. It gives one a sense of purpose, provides financial security as also fulfilment. Most importantly it teaches a person so many different things and helps them to grow as an individual and a professional.

But, does it do all this in real life?

The answer to this is a simple NO. Most people end up feeling frustrated and confused with regard to their careers. There is a lot of negativity and stress that is associated with it and invariably the other facets of their life also end up being affected adversely. Balance is very important in a person’s life for success to be enjoyed. If this balance is affected negatively due to one’s career the happiness and fulfilment through their personal life, health, etc., suddenly seems irrelevant.

So, what is the true cause of this imbalance and stress that arises from one’s career?

The core problem with regard to anyone’s career related issues is a clear lack of planning. This is further compounded by the fact that most people do not get any inputs with regard to how careers should be planned and managed. Invariably, even those who have studied for a particular career start work and are faced with confusion and lack of direction because the basic element of planning is absent.

Out of Syllabus – Career Success Tips that no one taught You not only gives hands-on and practical steps with regard to career planning, but also goes into great detail about what one needs to do on a day to day basis towards achieving career success

The book helps define the stages on one’s career and in that context anyone can use this as a practical guide. People starting their careers to even those who have worked for several years and are now wondering about the next steps will find the inputs and steps detailed in this book to be of great use. This book approaches career planning in an absolutely novel and unique manner by compartmentalising the various stages of anyone’s career and defining what needs to be done in each of these stages.

The book compartmentalises a career into 3 buckets and gives clear action oriented inputs with regard to what one should focus upon during each of these buckets as also the learning that they should take out from the same. The author has included a 4th bucket, which is about giving back to the society and others around you by sharing the experience and expertise gained during the 3 buckets.

Several practical inputs and tools are discussed in the book which will enable the reader to operate with a greater sense of clarity and purpose. One interesting thought in the book is about PSS, which stands for Personal Success Secret. The author’s contention is that every successful person has a formula bit in reality there is nothing called as a success formula. The book defines how anyone can create their own, effective PSS.


About the Author

V. Rajesh, the author of Out of Syllabus, has more than two decades of practical experience in the corporate world and has worked in a variety of organisations spanning Indian start ups, large Indian Corporates to Multi National organisations. His extensive experience in a variety of working environments, corporate cultures and handling of teams is captured as easy to follow steps and guidelines in this book for any reader. Rajesh is a consultant and trainer; he has also authored the bestseller, The INDIAN reTALEs.

Visit www.outofsyllabus.weebly.com for details and a video about Out Of Syllabus.



Some Reader Comments:

Imagine that you are a student, all excited about graduating and getting into a dream job with a large corporate and driving down a road. Suddenly, a large boulder is dropped in your path. Do you find a way around the boulder, and keep driving, or do you, figuratively, panic and get out of your car because there is an obstacle in your way? This book is intended to help young college graduates accept, and deal with, corporate life’s obstacles.

Most college curriculum focuses on the theoretical aspects of management and also provides a lot of conceptual inputs. But how do you put these inputs in to practice when you are actually working? You may not be graduating from the best school, you may not be the smartest in your school, but how do you learn to make the most of your abilities, and understand the small things that you need to do to succeed in a Corporate. Out of Syllabus provides you with a number of tips and real world examples of situations faced by every young graduate, at one time or another in various phases of their corporate career.

It’s short and really easy to read. Even if you can’t follow all of the things mentioned here, practicing some of them will help greatly. This book does a really good job at making adjusting in to the corporate world, just a little easier.

– Mr Sunil Naik

It is a very useful book for each and every student who is wishing to pursue their career in the corporate world with needed expectations and growth. This book mainly emphasizes on the skills that the students must possess in them to learn new things, apply them and go up to the top of the hierarchy by using their hard work, sincerity and commitment. This book has also analysed about the career decisions of the youngsters, according to the present scenario and trends, taken by themselves, their parents and well-wishers those who are interested in their careers. It also tells about improving the performance of one’s own managerial skills in their career path also in a good manner.

– Aloysious Arul Vijay

Good concept and lot of relevance for today’s students who seek degrees but not knowledge and even if they scramble to manage some of the knowledge relevant for them to move ahead in life, they don’t possess the requisite wisdom to use it to their benefit.

– Dr Raja Roy Choudhury

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