Chase to Find the Right Killer

Review of The Wrong Chase – Assumptions and Presumptions are Not Always Correct..; Laxmi Natraj and Vikrant Shukla; Mehta Publishing House 2011; Rs 300; pp 241

– Shana Susan Ninan

When someone owns up to a crime, the policemen concerned are all too happy to wrap up the case. And nobody ever stops to find out if they actually committed it. In The Wrong Chase, co-authored by Laxmi Natraj and Vikrant Shukla, an NGO’s owner couple are murdered and Bhani, a dedicated volunteer owns up to it. She is sent to jail for it, too. A lot of people vouch for her innocence and inability to even maim someone knowingly. But that doesn’t change anything. Bhani continues to “run” the institution from within the confines of her new residence with the help of Parvati and Mr Pandit, volunteer colleagues of Bhani’s.

In the meantime, there are other murders happening in the city. This time the victims are foreigners. The cases are not linked overtly. But patterns do show up. It’s really a chase to find the killer – JCP Jadav and his deputy comes to solve the puzzle of the various murders across the city. They are faced with many mismatches in the responses and delays.

The scenes in the court, questioning sessions, chases and investigations are drawn up well. How the cops find the truth is also quick and laid out well.

The writing is distinctly investigative, and the authors have done a good job in keeping the reader engrossed in the plot. The presence of apt dialogues helps to take the story forward. Almost all major events are highlighted in 45 neat chapters.

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Chase to Find the Right Killer, 9.7 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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