He Loved Her, but Left Her. He Loved Her, but was Left by Her. He Loved Her, but She Didn’t.

Review of Three Times Loser…. Love Never Dies; Akash Verma; Shrishti Publications; pp 264; Rs 100

– Shana Susan Ninan

Alok Mathur loved Megha, but he left her. Alok loved Mandira, but she left him for a bright career in the U.S. Alok loved Shonali, but her feelings for him were not those ending in love. Three Times Loser…. is Akash Verma’s second book, and just like the first one, has love and sacrifice as the main themes. Written mostly in flashback, Verma takes us through Alok’s live in four neat sections, each detailed nicely. All the three women influenced his life, took advantage of his humility and selfless nature. And years after they lost touch with him, the women have still not reconciled to their current situations.

What Alok has learned through life is what he shares with them, but they fail to understand that. At least not at the right time. It is only much later in life that they really realise the sacrifices he made for them so that they would be what they are now, and achieved what they have now.

But I just can’t understand how someone can be so super self-sacrificing and still be smiling at the end of three major love-related failures? But then again, this is a story. And stories reflect real lives of real people. In this book, you will find dejection, rejection, lust, sacrifice, betrayal and longing – all side/after effects of that thing called love.

The book’s cover page scores well – contrasting colours and the bold picture enhances the title. The colour scheme is nice. We can notice that Verma has written the story with a lot of dedication – paragraphs explaining a helpless situation, variety of supporting characters, feelings he has for his loves and many other good examples.

The typos in the sentences and the multiple wrong usage of the semi colon were downers, at times. The writing, too, needs an editor’s eye.

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He Loved Her, but Left Her. He Loved Her, but was Left by Her. He Loved Her, but She Didn’t., 7.2 out of 10 based on 6 ratings

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