How Unusual People Do Things

Review of Unusual People Do Things Differently; T.G.C. Prasad; Penguin Books India 2011; Rs 399; pp 312

– Rahul Unni

This book is a must read for anyone interested in the world of entrepreneurship and management. Highly interesting and erudite, the book outlines the various engagements the author had throughout his professional life with exceptionally talented individuals.

Unlike most books dealing with the subject the author has conceived his expression as a series of short stories divided into four broad themes of successful individuals being: strategic and focused on value creation, perceptive and deriving creative solutions, driven by business excellence, deploying professional skills to win, passionate and leading from the front and sensitive to people and customer centric. Each one of these themes has a sequence of short stories derived from the author’s experience. There are stories of CEO’s who have changed the fortunes of their company by employing change strategies to Academics in the U.S. who have changed the paradigm of process maturity conceptions. There are stories of sales people who have changed the author’s perception of the entire sales process to people who transformed the healthcare industry because of the power of their vision.

The concept is extremely artistic and should excite the “average entrepreneurial /management Joe” bored of reading his subject matter from magazines and books that look like clones from a robot factory.

If there is one criticism of the book, it is that the title does not “in essence” reflect the contents of the book. Many of the stories in the book do not have the protagonists conducting their affairs differently or against the grain, so to speak. Most of the heroes seem to be people who do things very intelligently but they do not extend themselves to the point of challenging the status quo, at least not in a way to create a substantial difference. I would suggest a title like: The World of the Wise; A series of short stories.

In the end the book is worth the read and at no time does the excitement wane. Truly a compilation that is intelligent and very observant.

* Rahul, after his BTech and MBA, now runs an interior designing company – Royal Kontractors and Furnishers. After living in Bangalore for 10 years, he has settled in Kochi. He enjoys reading management, poetry and literature, martial arts and music – Hip Hop and Rock & Roll.

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