Destined To Fall In Love

Review of Anything Else But Love; Ankita Chadha; Cedar Books 2011; pp 304; Rs 175

– Shana Susan Ninan

For a longish book, the plot of Anything Else But Love moves along at an okay speed. Ankita Chadha, at 22, has done well with her second novel. She is currently pursuing MBA in Human Resources. Anything Else But Love starts with Shewali Singh running away from a wedding scene. The book then takes us to her past, where she has recently moved to Bangalore to head a project. Back home in Mohali, her parents and sister, Sonnel miss her much.

Shewali’s life is quite simple and she herself, plain. Work seems to what drives her, with no intention of getting hitched soon. Avi Malhotra, on the other hand, is a total flirt and a happy-go-lucky fella, with a cute Playboy-like smile and honey-filled words that would make any girl – or woman, at times – swoon for him. He calls himself the Avi, and goes on to make Shewali’s life miserable with harmless fights and loud pranks. But the fact that he starts the relationship on a bet shocks Shewali, leaving her to doubt his love!

The corporate background and the other characters add masala to their lives. The twists and turns are guessable and the situations all-too-apparent. A little more originality would do well. And so would editing. Ankita’s choice of words is good – easy, short and intelligible – but conversations need a lift.

The book takes a more than slight Bollywood style in the way the two protagonists meet, fight and finally, falls in love with each other. Although certain instances are repeated in more or less a similar fashion across chapters, some do bring a smile to the readers’ faces, and probably lets their mind wander back to their younger days. But I found the verbose passages and the really small margins on the three sides of the page making the read a little tiring at various places.

The novel’s cover is nice – a silhouette on a colourful background.

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Destined To Fall In Love, 5.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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