On The Side of The Angels

Review of The Midnight Club; James Patterson; Warner Books 1989; pp 296

– Shana Susan Ninan

The Midnight Club is my first James Patterson read. And it didn’t disappoint. The eternal cat and mouse game between the good guys and the bad guys gets a facelift in this novel – there are some who do not know which side they’re on. The line between good and bad is very thin, and those who tread on it may not know what they’re in for.

After John Stefanovitch is critically wounded in an operation, and his wife murdered, he’s on a mission to avenge her death. A wheelchair-bound lawman isn’t exactly what you’d think of an NYPD detective, but Stef plays it well. He’s focused and determined to catch a prime Mafia man who’s heading the dreaded Midnight Club. Several crime lords are being assassinated across cities. Stef and his unlikely journalist-writer partner are on a race against time to set things straight.

The chemistry between Stef and Sarah is just right – neither puts their hand out first. In fact, they eat each other’s head over every issue that comes up. But they have both suffered losses and humiliation, adding to the base of their friendship. Matters become more delicate for the two as the antagonist target their personal lives.

Acclaimed for his works such as Along Came A Spider, Kiss The Girls and Hide And Seek, Patterson weaves the fates of the three main characters with an ease that shows experience and class. The author has evenly spaced out dialogues and description. The first person account moves on racily, leaving you turning the pages.




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