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Review of Hackers Beware – A Guide To Protect Your PC; Navneet Mehra; Macmillan Publishers 2011; Rs 335; pp 266

– Terence Joseph

In his book, Hackers Beware Navneet Mehra talks about the main themes of the golden age of hacking and ways to protect your computer from hackers and viruses, in simple language. Information about viruses, their origins and what and how they attack are clearly defined in the book, a real help to the average computer user.

He explains the common mistakes that we make which will lead to vulnerability to virus attacks, trojans and hackers. Instead of buying the original software, we go for pirated and cracked versions of softwares which allow hackers easy access to our computers.

Mehra – a young computer professional with experience in the field of Computer and Internet Security – also describes DOS (denial of service) attacks, securing Wi-Fi, protecting hard drives, guarding website servers from hackers, and similar topics. Now these might sound like a nerd’s guidebook, but believe me, the topics covered in this book will come in handy regarding your computer and its use, at some point of time, for sure.

He advises us about creating a strong password – this is quite vital at a time when Internet Security and Identity Thefts are hot debates in the online world. He’s given a list of Top 500 most commonly used passwords from round the world. So avoid using the same!

Spelling errors and a few mismatched phrases hamper quick reading. The presentation of the book, chapters and points are a little text-bookish, giving it a “guide” feel. But at the same time, it might keep away someone who’s not that into computers or hacking. If this book is meant for the young and old alike, as well as for the not-so-computer-literate, the presentation needs to be more aesthetically put forward.

* Terence Joseph – one of the two IBR admins – is a website designer and travel consultant.  Photography, travelling, computer games and tasty prawn curries are what he’s interested in. In his free time, he enjoys gardening and animal rearing.     

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  1. September 7th, 2011 | Jyoti Arora says:

    The cyber security is of utmost importance these days when our dependence on computers and internet is increasing day by day. Hopefully, this book would manage to help people keep their privacy and data safe online. Best wishes to the author.

  2. December 12th, 2011 | Vijay says:

    Hey thanks for reviewing this book. I was looking for a book that can help me in understanding the problems that occurs due to viruses and hackers. I don’t know how many times I have reinstalled my windows. I hope this book will solve my problems.

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